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  1. This: Stupidest thing Ive ever done, evah!
  2. Yaucono, the official coffee of the Vatican! LoL, Puerto Rican coffee is one of the best in the world and I cant drink anything else... My parents ship it out since I moved to Cali over a year ago... I just cant drink anything else! Itll wake you up in no time and keep you on a high mood throughout the day =P Black with brown sugar =)
  3. Well this dropzone just reminds me of home! Puerto Rico! The view here is really something else! The PAC is FAST and comfy (F#ck otters!). The best thing here is the vibe from both the jumpers and believe it or not... wait for it... the DZO as well! Nothing but nice, fun people to jump with that really make you realize how much you frikin love skydiving!
  4. devarona

    Vector 3

    Black with grey, purple and pink on reserve flap. Small oval tear on uper right back shoulder strap (white fabric underneath)
  5. make a bid on priceline! you can check for your flight to MDW or ORD on priceline and an option for both the airline ticket and car rental should come up. That bundle is damn cheap!! I got a 5 day rental for $102.00 which is cheap for what im used to...
  6. I was waiting for someone to post it... but! Summerfest 2011! whos going? Its my first time to this boogie! (I know, BEEEEERRRR!!!!) Looking forward to it! All the way from the island of PR to Chicago!
  7. Does anyone know if theres a dz that has a full time bi plane or at least one that has one every other ocassion
  8. has the biplane or hot air balloon been confirmed yet?
  9. Im thinking of getting a used Vector thats all black and was wondering if anyone has any pictures or have seen a container spray painted before... I saw one that was being sold on the classifieds section. I was wondering if anyone else has done this before and if theres any tips on this matter!
  10. I obviously forgot to mention the DZ from the Dubai... that is one AWESOME looking view! But Ive heard its a bit of an expensive trip
  11. Thanx a lot guys! lots of places and pretty hard to decide between each one of them! Im traveling on a Delta Buddy Pass so every destination is amazingly cheap, though you have to fly on standby and pray you get a seat! That blue hole is one of my dream jumps so far, but I think Im leaving that one for the Belize Boogie next year, right after my home DZ's boogie. No one mentioned Thailand, are there any good views? I did see some awesome pictures from the boogie held in Thailand but it seems that those pictures are at a military base and its only available for the boogie which got canceled this year . Regular DZ's around Thailand seem to have a decent view too, but nothing out of the ordinary comparing it to Puerto Rico or the boogie held at the thai base (if Im not mistaken). Im still considering Thailand since Ive heard that everything is awfully cheap, including you know what !!! From Empuriabrava, there seems to be some bad rep. regarding stolen gear and what not... but they do have a good view from the pictures Ive seen. However, a shot with some snowy mountains could do it for me too, Ive never even seen snow !! I might try to reach the the DZ @ the swiss alps. Lets see how much cash Im left with after Couch Freaks
  12. I just came across this thread and found it quite interesting. The only DZ in Puerto Rico has quite the struggle with the new ports authority administration of PR. Its not the first time this has happened though, the DZ used to be in another airport where I think (if im not mistaken) the problem was the airport's manager that was kind of a cunt. They moved to Arecibo where the shit storm with ports authority came up after the administrative change in the PR government. They've made tons of excuses from missing paper work (which is not true) to liability issues to take the skydivers out of the Arecibo DZ. Fortunately, another airstrip thats not owned by ports authority came up and thats where were jumping at the moment (with a better view and a better beach landing area at least!). All in all, USPA has done fuck to help the DZ out. I understand that their influence in the PR government must be close to none, but dont they have some kind of influence with the FAA? All the municipal airports of PR are funded by the FAA and thus, they abide by FAA rules. This, in my opinion, should be a good place to help us out in the ongoing struggle to keep skydiving alive in the island. However, shit has been done about it by the USPA (to what Ive been informed). It would be nice to see that annual membership being put to good use but ohh well... I think a 200 pound skydiver falling at 120 mph can do a lot more damage, as can a parachutist flying at 40-50 mph. Heck, we recently had a visiting jumper smash into a parked airplane and do more than 20,000 dollars in damage...can your model airplanes do that? You must be either one lonely 80 year old rotting fuck, a 60 year old fart with a minivan, 8 kids and an ugly wife, some 30 year old with a desk job and nothing more than time on his hands or just a normal human being with one insanely irrational comment like that one... your R/C or a pogo stick are not even close as to what dangers an average human being in freefall can come to... We have learned how to be as safe as possible to at least earn our right to skydive but in truth, its still more dangerous than a little rocket fueled model airplane or whatever it is you're trying to make a point with. As far as potential, an otter load has about 23 or 24 jumpers compared to one small model R/C... do the math...
  13. Hey, Im gonna go to couch freaks in September and Im planning on heading somewhere else right after the boogie. Im planning on jumping at any dropzone with an awesome view for a video I want to make. Post your best dropzone in terms of view and let me know! Europe, Asia, wherever!!