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  1. devarona

    Tsunami Skydivers Inc.

    Well this dropzone just reminds me of home! Puerto Rico! The view here is really something else! The PAC is FAST and comfy (F#ck otters!). The best thing here is the vibe from both the jumpers and believe it or not... wait for it... the DZO as well! Nothing but nice, fun people to jump with that really make you realize how much you frikin love skydiving!
  2. devarona

    Skydive Delmarva

    The scenery was good indeed, the packing area was also good, the couches in which I passed out for a few minutes were dirty and comfortable, just the way they should be. There's Freeflyers, RWs and just about any type of fun jumper. There was a pretty interesting collection of seniors around old enough to be my great, great grandfather that were pretty good in RW. I missed the party that night since I had to go back to MD but anyways... my home DZ is all the way back in Puerto Rico and its beautiful there but Delmarva has an amazing view of the nearby river! The people were more than nice, they were just great, very hospitable and eager to teach a new jumper. The best thing this place has to offer is that damn packer thats like a wannabe version of Avril Lavigne or some other punk whatever hot girl and she likes to pack in her pajamas. I will be back next year, without a doubt, and I hope I get to see some of the locals from Delmarva back home in Puerto Rico's boogie.
  3. devarona

    Paracentrum Texel

    Getting there was not easy as you take a ferry (which is only 3 euros round trip, and the ferry is great with an inside store and cafeteria) and a bus afterwards but its all worth it! My home DZ is back in the Caribbean in Puerto Rico and its one of the most prettiest DZ's close to the US and with that in mind, Texel is just one rare jewel! It's a small little island which you'll see from coast to coast at altitude. They have a nice caravan and a whole lot of space for packing. The store was quite amazing with some cool souvenirs too. As for the people, its the most hospitable ive met so far. I couldn't stay for the night but they offered me to go out for a drink, a ride to a nearby hotel and dinner but sadly I had to decline as I had to go back to Paris that same day. Anyways, the people there are just great and worth the while to hang out and fun jump with. The scenery was amazing and the experience was one of a kind! Ill be back next year for sure!
  4. devarona

    Skydive Rotterdam

    Getting there was pretty easy from the train station, I came all the way from Paris. The DZ itself is pretty nice with comfy couches, a nice bar and some cool locals. The downside is that this DZ takes off a commercial airport and it takes them about an hour or more to get a load up. The grand caravan was sweetly fast but anyways... the most important thing about this DZ is the view. I've been around the world and this is practically one of the few DZ's inside a city... in fact, you jump right in the city with sky scrappers and what not all around. The sweet part is that the city has a canal where I think they bring in exports or what not and the city itself is right in the coast of Holland. My home DZ is all the way back in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, my DZ has one of the most breathtaking sceneries with beach landings and what not but take it from me... Rotterdam has a view you cant miss! The other downside is that you'll get driven back from the landing area to the DZ and it takes 20mins to get back! I don't know how you guys do it, but keep at it, the view is all worth it.
  5. devarona

    Lens Parachutisme

    Here’s the story: after taking a train far, far away from Paris and taking a taxi to the DZ… I get there on a weekday and the first thing they tell me is that they are not flying during the day… I kind of get pissed but then the story went on… DZ operator: “helicoteghfjbg”… Me: what did you say? DZ operator: “Helicopter!” Me: A HELICOPTER NO ****ing WAY!! *Helicopter lands right nearby the landing area* ME: OMFG you guys got a helicopter on your DZ, I WANT INNNN!! I just felt like a 6 year old on his way to Disney… The DZ was pretty decent, quite a nice landscape. The people there were all pretty great. The guys invited me for some beer after closing time but I had no time to join them… Anyways, the DZ operator was very attentive and explained everything with detail. The locals were all cool with the outside newbie (I only had 45 jumps)! The only downside was that I couldn’t use my 150 since the French are pretty strict with sizing… I currently use a 150 and had to use a 210. The gear rental was only 6 euros though… pretty cheap comparing it to where I come from! Didn’t get a ride on their porter that day but got the ride on the copter! I don’t think they own it, maybe it was just for some competition they had on the weekend… but anyways, don’t miss this spot if you're around France, the locals are all cool and the place is pretty nice itself. Thanks a lot guys, the crowd vibe was awesome! The free coaching was really great too!