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  1. If you look at his shadow on landing, he appears to flare. Also, the last few frames show unstowed toggles in his hand.
  2. Contact Rob Pooley. He'll do a refresher course for you.
  3. I do it all the time whenever I ferry my jump planes and it's quite easy. I remove one screw and put a rubber nipple on the end ... at-least on 182's between 1957-1962. Thats as far as my knowledge goes.
  4. While none of us can definitively say whether you should've chopped....I can guarantee most of the people at the DZ that day would've said "I wouldn't have chopped it" if you did.
  5. What is the reasoning for leaving the yoke on the co-pilot side? It can be removed, or installed, in about 3 minutes.
  6. ledballoon You come across as a complete d*ck and my intuition is usually good. Just make sure you get it ON VIDEO! If the incident thread does not have video I will be very disappointed.
  7. I will send you a go pro, once you post video of some awesome swoops across the pond on this canopy. Clearly, you may need to borrow video until that time
  8. Kudos Sanghi. great post. Its only sad that you weren't this thoughtful before you steamed in! However you didn't fulfill option 3 by truly good fortune so you did kind of do pretty well overall...although I am sure it doesn't always seem so.. To the 400 jump velo poster. Im sure you won't let it be said and probably won't listen to our advise about upsizing to something like a sabre 2 150... BUT, if not, please have video on at all times and post the footage on to the SOFPIDARF FB group. go steady
  9. Bit of a strange one guys as I need to put some kind of a lock on the end of a pull through cable for a car project I am working on. It currently has a lead ball on the end of it to stop it pulling through the end stop. But I need to shorten the cable and recrimp it. I was hoping some advice from riggers about how reserve cable ends are crimped to stop them pulling through the reserve handle. The cable I am working with is not quite as beefy as a reserve cable, but I am hoping to use the same approach if I can do it pretty cheaply!! thanks
  10. katana is far more agressive than a safire 2, way more ground hungry, especially if you are downsizing at the same time. Might be an idea to put a CF 2 109 in there for some jumps and then move over to the Katana from that. Less chance for leaving your femurs embedded in the PLA
  11. That lower video link on the ITV page shows this was total commitment with zero room for error or having a bad day. Got to give the guy huge props and agree he has balls of steel!!! awesome. To the poster who says 'any decent wingsuit pilot could make the target'... Thats not strictly true considering Gary is the only person who has deliberately aimed for a small area on the ground, and hit it perfectly.
  12. Thanks for posting that link, it's a fun video. I always get a kick out of newbies who jump out of the plane and then check their altimeter 2 seconds out of the door. News flash pal, you're 100 ft lower than when you jumped 2 seconds ago. It's also fun to watch the rapid-fire alti checks right down to pull altitude. I guess if you can't figure out that you have a few sconds and then pull, you could just 'lock on' to the thing and wait for your pull altitude to come up, but I'll never understand the need to look, turn it away, look again, turn it away, look again, turn it away, and then pull. Beyond that, if a simple brake fire is going to force the guy to chop and dump his reserve on his back, he has no business jumping a Velo. Of course, having 300 jumps, and lying to the DZO is aslo a good sign he might be in over his head. Bit of a stupid thing to be suggesting that he shouldn't have cut away from a 'simple' brake fire.. He didnt have a great deal of height left and under a spining main (regardless off why the spin was caused), armchair quarterbacking his decision will lead other newish jumpers to think 'well Im not meant to chop a brakefire or I will get teased'... Even if he had cleared the other brake the canopy might have been spinning too hard with twists to salvage it before he impacted the ground. So I say he made totally the right decision as he walked away from it. Whether he will walk away from jumping a velo at 2:1 with 300 jumps.... maybe for a while. But as has been said his bell is gonna get rung for sure.
  13. Poor kid, I dont know what the pilot was thinking letting her deplane with the prop still going and no experienced supervision. in the UK TIs HAVE to hold on to the tandem passenger while boarding the plane