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  1. humanflite

    private tandem rating

    Contact Rob Pooley. He'll do a refresher course for you.
  2. humanflite

    Written Drill Dive Material

    Whats thsi music pedagogy then ??? Sounds fascinating!
  3. humanflite

    how many jumps is to many???

    As many as you and your instructors feel comfortable with.. As many as the weather will allow. Its not a race so just enjoy the journey.....
  4. humanflite

    Gonna go broke..

    Im guessing it was because you had your legs wide apart and feet up your butt The feet up your butt bit would make you backslide across the tunnel. Im guessing that although he said straighten your legs, in fact they werent straight, but were pushing into the airflow somewhat meaning you stopped backsliding. Hopefully some tunnel coach will comment on this, but without video its next to impossible to give the exact reason....
  5. humanflite

    Is jumping without a parachute safe?

    Hmm. Nice video! He must have been attached to the container somehow or would have not held on during deployment. Crazy nevertheless!
  6. humanflite

    tandem coach (matt yount) shady dealings

    Theres always 2 sides to every story and its only fair that the guy your slandering gets to put his side down too before any 'internet judegements' are made.,...
  7. humanflite

    Playing "catch the drogue" with the vidiot

    Im by no means a Ti so cant offer advice on the drogue entanglement bit, apart from get a new vidiot!! But at my DZ and several others I have been to (UK) the camera exits from a float on the outside of the plane, thereby meaning they leave at the same time as the tandem pair. I would think this is safer from a point of view of not having the vidiot above you, with the risks that could pose?
  8. humanflite

    Martin Gardiner

    Blue Skies Martin
  9. humanflite

    Tipping for Tunnel Instructors?

    Ive never tipped a tunnel instructor.... hell. it costs enough anyway But Im a tightwad
  10. humanflite

    David John Rickerby

    Sorry to hear of your loss Blue Skies David This is another thread that has been started in his memory, maybe the moderators can merge them>?;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  11. humanflite


    Can you elaborate a bit more on the accident? did you grab a front riser and not flare? or what? also what canopy and wing loading were you at? Sorry if that seems slightly off your question but Im curious! Sorry to hear of your continued suffering... Have you much physiotherapy for your injuries? I know of at least one person at my DZ who has had a 'longer' injury list than that (maybe not more severe than yours....just more different breaks) and has now gone back to jumping although he does 'feel it' after a day in the saddle. Are you still having treatment? Did you just 'crack' your pelvis or crush it? is there pins in there now? more info needed. But I would advise you to speak to your surgeon and a GOOD physiotherapist for this type of injury.
  12. humanflite

    Need pictures of malfunctions

    I dont have any pictures Im afraid but you can buy this Which seems to offer what you need ps// Thats a great swooping video(s) on youtube by the way...especially the blindman swoop
  13. humanflite

    Passenger with autism

    Well done
  14. humanflite

    Harness too tight

    Your best bet I would say is to take it to a qualified master rigger and ask them what you can have done to it. Im sure they will be able to help you out.