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  1. Strong Enterprises has a new flex pin, not a new design necessarily but some production and materials changes. Give them a call for details. I was given a thorough explanation of the production process new and old which provided some valuable insight. Overkill is under rated.
  2. My point is that from my perspective (experienced skydiver/DZO) it is awkward for the jumper/student/passenger as well as the friends/family watching/spectating. It's not gender specific on either front. Overkill is under rated.
  3. I have seen both male and female set that way so it's not just a female thing. It bothers me to the point I am ready to say if that is how they will hook up it has to be in the back of the ride and students sit on the floor until final hook up and adjustment altitude. And for Gods sake let them know ahead of time that is how it is done so the customer can opt out if they want. I would! I have seen it done that way in a few different places and it never sits well with me. Thanks for the input. Overkill is under rated.
  4. Does anyone else think the climb to altitude with a Sigma TI is awkward when they have someone on their lap the whole time? We jump a Cessna and I can see how if riding up front you may need to place the student there prior to take off due to the fact that hooking up lowers and adjusting is difficult with the door closed. In the back of the plane the student could sit between TI's legs on floor then hop up on lap prior to jump run. I don't know it just creeps me out and I feel awkward when my customer finds out they or their daughter or wife will be sitting on some strange guys lap for twenty minutes or even one minute for that matter. Overkill is under rated.
  5. Jacob, Are you new to the area? Overkill is under rated.
  6. And you think I'm crazy? Overkill is under rated.
  7. Terry, You still have to shut them off to change the needle. Overkill is under rated.
  8. I will bet there is a sweet spot for any TI shooting handcam where the subject framing is perfect or as good as it will get given the equipment they are using. The key is to find that spot and hit it every time. Go back and look over your videos and try to see where that spot is. Sport professionals do this all of the time. Go to the tape. As for safety... I do handle checks with or without cameras. It was part of my training and is now part of my routine. You can see me do them on my videos. I have had multiple reserve rides with tandem passengers and the cameras have never been a problem. Overkill is under rated.
  9. If you want to argue outside video vs. handcam try this one in the photography and video forums.;post=4277871;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25; Overkill is under rated.
  10. My Home DZ has students do two tandems and then move on to IAD if they themselves are ready. First tandem is to simply have fun. Let go... arch... knees up to land. Most never come back for further training no matter how revved up they are to light the skydiving world on fire the day of there first jump. Sad but true. Second tandem is more of a training jump with altitude checks, deployments, landing pattern etc.. A prep for ground school. That being said, I have students return every year for more tandem fun knowing fully well they will never make a solo jump. Good for the OP for knowing his/her comfort level and wanting more information and training before moving on. Overkill is under rated.
  11. I suppose there is a chance an FAA inspector just happened to be standing on the airfield watching this guy make one poor decision after another. Now lets pretend he wasn't there ( however unlikely ). Then someone would have had to contact the FSDO to prompt an investigation into an aviation related accident. Hell maybe the jump pilot radioing ATC or other traffic in the area that there was a canopy descending from 10,000 feet prompted a call. That call could have come from a number of different sources. Overkill is under rated.
  12. Good question. Someone contacted the FSDO office to prompt an FAA investigation. Overkill is under rated.
  13. I'm not a doctor but if his says they will hold have him fill out a waiver, take him up with a canopy that has a few hundred jumps on it, open with the wind at your back if you can help it and HAVE FUN! Overkill is under rated.
  14. How soon we forget. Remember when Grandma " almost " fell from her tandem harness? Overkill is under rated.
  15. I would stop watching so much television. Overkill is under rated.