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  1. I didn't say it's not going to go up at all. But there are just historic limits for gold. If I remember right I saw a study a few days ago which sayed Gold was around 1500$ in todays value during the great depression. So if it really should go up more there has to happen something drastict to the economy. If you belive that something this big will happen you might wanna consider investing in put options where you can make way more profit with less capital invested.
  2. I personally don't liked planned vacation at all (I don't like site seeing either) so how about this: Just start in Zürich (Switzerland is by FAR the best country in Europe) and just go where ever you feel like going and stay where ever you feel like staying. You will learn more about the culture if you do that than all the touristy things.
  3. It's too late for gold. At a price of more than 800 there just isn't much room upwards.
  4. I love diving in switzerland. There are beauty full walls and it's always a big adventure because it's pitch black all the time. Just be ready for walls which go 1200 feet down below you, visibility below a foot and 35°F for the hole dive. And do a simple dive first. Diving in Swiss lake is nothing like diving in an ocean.
  5. I invest in options on Idexes and companys. You are right that the real estate market is perfect to invest now if you don't need to get a big morgage on it. Just make sure that it gives you a positive cash flow right from the beginning and don't just hope on gain in value.
  6. Damed your wife knows how to punish a man... I hope my future wife is not such an evil punishing genious
  7. I tried that last summer when I looked for a cheaper thing to come from Zürich to the US. I called a few people and I found out that it is possible, but very expensive (about 5 grands for crossing the atlantik). The reason is that you will not find a job because of the liabilites for the ship owners so it's basiclly like having a hotel room moving across an ocean (even the tankers are really expensive). So if you want to spend the money I'm sure it would be quite an adventure but to save money just book your flight early.
  8. If you go to Switzerland go to Zürich. I'm Swiss and whenever I meet people who visited Switzerland they tell me they were just in Luzern. I like Luzern but it's nothing compared to Zürich. And if you are lucky you might be able to catch the Streetparade. 1 mio people dancing around a lake is unbeatable even if you don't like techno music. I always go and if you want to you can start partying on Friday night and keep on partying non stop till the next Thursday
  9. I preferre a raw egg and a bottle of gatorade before I go to bed but everybody seems to have their own secret about avoiding them
  10. And another horrible weekend. 0:0:0 I'm soooo looking forward to Christmas...
  11. My experience with skydiving so far tells me that the most important body part is a healthy and well trained liver and some good recipies to avoid hang-over's
  12. After my first rain jump a few weeks ago (no full-face helmet) I'm still sure that jumping in rain is ways better than not jumping at all. Stop whining
  13. I just emailed the guy and sent him the link to this thread and invited him to answer the questions. We'll see if he joins.
  14. I'd go with something asian. I'm currently driving an awesome looking 1989 Honda accord and I have made 17k miles since January and no problem at all. If I could choose I'd go with a Honda S2000 or a Porsche Carrera 4
  15. I have the same stress related sleeping problems and I use Melatonin. It's perfect for me since it is very cheap, no prescription (you can get it at GNC) and it makes me sleep without dreams and that makes me not wake up. Just take 3mg 1h before going to bed. It's worth a try and definitly healthier than all the prescription drugs. If you wanna know more about it just PM me. I have already given that tip to apollard24 I don't know if she ever tried it but you might wanna PM her too.
  16. I wish there was that much food even in 5 mile range of the DZ...
  17. I would make a wild guess and say McDonald's funded the study.
  18. Hausse

    Bird Stories

    I was wondering about birds a few weeks ago. Has anybody ever hit one in free fall? I can imagine that the chances are VERY slim but still possible. And it would probably hurt...
  19. 0:0:0 Damed looking back at the numbers of this weekend, it was even way worse than I realized... Who got the honor to be your first student jump Lynn?
  20. Hausse

    Snow Chains

    I'm from Switzerland and with good winter tires you usually need your snow chains just when you get stuck and that didn't happen more than twice a year to me. And after putting them on a couple times you can do it in 2 min. so it's not perfect but cheap and effective.
  21. Dame right she does! They are way to small!!!
  22. Looks really cool but Skydive Wissota is on your map about 40miles south from where it really is.
  23. I haven't tried a tandem so far but I am 100% sure I would have not the smallest problem jumping with one of the TM at my DZ since I know them and I would completely trust them.
  24. I'd say don't mention that you have a parachute and stay in your seat. I would bet you would be beaten to death by the other (panicking) passengers all trying to get the only rig in the plane. You would never be able to put your rig on and I would say getting to the door would be completely impossible. If it's a cargo plane okey then it might work but never on a passenger flight.
  25. That just kind of disturbed me... Not because I mind him being gay but I always thought he might have been married or so and that's why he's all about the love thingy...