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  1. I went on Carnival 3 years ago and put vodka in water bottles, and carried it right through in my backpack. You are allowed to bring on a 6 pack of water. If you put liquor in your carry on, buy the plastic bottle, or transfer to a plastic bottle, and place in plastic ziploc bag in case it leaks. You can even carry your 'water bottle' to the pool and use the juice at the food area, which is free. It is true, if you buy liqour on board, you will not be able to pick it up until last day, so dont count on drinking it. It is cheap though.
  2. Pretty much I feel what is in your heart will never change. People with cold hearts will probably always hang on to that in one way or another. I suppose some people may change when something very drastic happens, like they almost die, or lose someone very close to them. All I know is life is too short, learn to be the best person you can be all the time. Be gracious, life is precious.
  3. What to say. Wow. Prayers for peace to Brandy, the family, and all who knew him.
  4. People that throw their lit cigarettes out the window when driving. Hey, I'm behind you! I always had this fear what if it got stuck somewhere and sparked a fire. People that drop their cigarettes on the ground. Come on now, is throwing it in the garbage hard to ask? I dont drop my trash all over the place. People that use their cell phone while at dinner, or in a movie theater, or can't stop texting all night long.
  5. You were headed there before you even laughed at this, so what was your point?
  6. Thanks J for stating what I have been thinking all along. Why all the finger pointing in the first place? These are our friends, our family! Doesn't anyone have any respect- the man is in the hospital in and out of consciousness and all people can think to do is drag his and her name through the mud, and no one even knows the factual story. People that dont even know the people involved have added their two sense, please dont feed the negative energy!! How about let's hope Woody is ok and has no permanent damage? If there was some sort of cheating going on, frankly, that is none of our damn business! I am disappointed it was even brought up at all in the first place since this is a public domain. I hope Jill is ok too, as I'm sure this is taking a toll on her too. Please, stop the drama. I can't stand it. Woody, I hope you are ok. We had a great AFF4 jump and I was so gracious you took a video even when I did not ask. Blessing for guardian angels to take care of you.
  7. I am disappointed. Violence does not solve anything in this situation. What does it prove? What does it change? All this over jealousy? Thank God he did not have a knife or gun. Schoolyard fights are not the way to solve problems when you are a grown adult. I'm not impressed. Was it worth the humiliation and probable jail time?
  8. Best part of the Explorer is I could sleep in it when at the DZ!! No one would bother me, and even if they wanted to, I was locked in. You know how people sometimes think it is funny to mess with the people sleeping in a bunkroom.... Plus, I didn't have to deal with anyone that snored!
  9. I was traveling at 65-70 mph and saw a Hummer to my right coming into my lane. Was natural reaction to turn the wheel left to avoid a collision. I guess I turned it too abruptly. Next thing I am fishtailing, then I know I am going over. I remember it all distinctly and it is a surreal experience. Wear your seatbelt. ALWAYS! It saved my life. I am positive about this. The hat that was on my head was found in the middle of the highway- that could have been me had I not wore my seatbelt. I probably would miss having an SUV if I got a car, so I am still pondering what I want to do.
  10. So, last Sunday rolled my Explorer on the interstate and wrecked it. I assume it will be totaled. At least I came out with no injury except a scratch on my ear. I am in the market for a new car. Well, not a "new" one, I will buy a used one. Anything from 1-5 years old lets say. Since I was not in the market for a car at all, I have no idea where to even start. Probably will get another SUV, but maybe not. Any SUV is prone to rollover. Anyone have any advice? Cars to consider? Ones to avoid? I hate that I have to go through this and I have 30 days rental car through my insurance so I have to find one pretty quickly.
  11. Girls have Nice Syndrome too, was not just asking about the men. As a member of the Nice Syndrome club, I have to agree with Turtle's response.
  12. If J got everything he wished for that would be dangerous for all women in Atlanta. Well, at least the hot ones. Happy Birthday J! Hope you get some wishes fulfilled.....
  13. How come people do not want to date someone that has Nice Syndrome?
  14. The devil makes an appearance at Thomaston. This is probably not a surprise to anyone. (yep, that was me!)
  15. I will not be there until Friday afternoon. Will the pop up camper still be in one piece after Thursday night?