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  1. JohnRich

    "About" Page Lists Scuba Diving as Subject

    Well, after that recent "Parachutist" cover photo, I can understand how someone might think that to be true.
  2. JohnRich

    Skydiving boring with time?

    In skydiving you can move in three dimensions. In most other sports, you only get two. If you can't think of ways to keep from getting bored with that, then you just need more imagination.
  3. JohnRich

    DropQuest Skydivers question.

    What's "Dropquest"?
  4. JohnRich

    VS 384 solo, low EW

    What's "EW"?
  5. JohnRich

    need feedback

    Suggestion: Give it back to your husband.
  6. JohnRich

    Information Search (OLD)

    That would indeed be unusual, but not unheard of. It's happened several times, unfortunately...
  7. JohnRich

    Home Page - Login?

    With no way to log off, that leaves a session hanging out there, which somone else could intercept. As it is now, killing a session within your browser doesn't actually terminate the session. Because if you re-activate, you jump right back in to your previous active session. The only way to actually kill the session is to kill the web browser, and then re-boot it to continue your work. This interferes with other work going on at the same time. Give us a means to log off cleanly. Somewhere.
  8. That's probably one element of it. He states that if he didn't write his own story, that someone else was going to do it without his permission. So he decided to go ahead and do it himself, his own way, to tell the story the way he wanted it told. I can't blame him for that. There can always be a second edition with corrections.
  9. JohnRich

    Information Search (OLD)

    What do you think is "unusual" about it?
  10. JohnRich

    White Helmet

    That's just asking for trouble. Have you ever seen one of those novelty radiometers? Link: When solar particles hit that white helmet they'll be reflected off the surface, and then Newton's third law of motion comes into play, which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So all those solar particles bouncing off your white helmet will send you into an out of control spin. The only way to stop it will be to pop off your helmet to save yourself. Even worse, if you get into a formation with someone who has a black helmet, then his helmet will absorb the solar particles, while yours is reflecting them. And then you'll spin even faster, just like that radiometer. Have you ever wondered why Twardowski is always spinning towards the ground under canopy making spirals with smoke? It's that damned white helmet of his. I wouldn't advise it...
  11. JohnRich

    Home Page - Login?

    How come the home page no longer has anyplace to log in? Oh, and there's no place to log off either... Doh!
  12. Yep, you picked up on the poor writing in that small excerpt. The whole book is like that, and doesn't impress me. However, the story itself is gripping. How about how he said that you fall slower in freefall than on static line? I'm sure what he meant was under canopy, because it would be a ram-air versus a round, but he didn't explain that. In one sentence he talks about pulling the "cord", and in another he calls it the "chord". "Chord" is a wing design term, and not something you pull to deploy a parachute. Re: "Ropes". I don't know how much of this was his own writing, or his co-author, which may be a whuffo person trying to translate Kyle's story into language understood by the masses, but botching it.
  13. I'm sure that is true. Chris Kyle is also appearing on the TV show "Stars Earn Stripes", in which famous people get training by military experts in performing a competition involving military skills. Kyle seems like the real deal, and a humble guy too. He explains in his book that he isn't a particularly good sniper, and only graduated in the middle of the pack in his sniper class, almost failing the stalking phase. He attributes his record to the simple "luck" of being assigned to the battle of Fallujah in Iraq, in which the enemy was everywhere, and he had plenty of targets. It's not that he's a better sniper, just that he had more opportunities to take shots.
  14. JohnRich

    Why do people skydive?

    This question has been addressed many times in the past here. Since you're doing "research", I suggest you use the "search" function to find the answers to your question.