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  1. Namowal

    This is pretty funny.

    How much of an exaggeration is this? Are there really people out there with 50-100 jumps who think they're ready to swoop? I'd hate to think of how many pieces I'd be in if I tried something like that...
  2. Namowal

    Greenhorn to Skydiving

    Welcome aboard! :) I'm new at this myself- and one of those "Had you told me a fear years ago that I'd be doing this I'd have told you you were insane" folks. You're in for a lot of fun.
  3. Namowal

    Los Angeles DZ

    I'm pretty sure that Elsinore and Perris are your two closest choices if you want to do AFF. I remember when I first started googling "Los Angeles" and "Skydiving," I got some advertisement hits, but they were outfits that resold tandem jump tickets (probably marked up) , as opposed to real drop zones.
  4. Namowal

    How to humble yourself

    Hiya Squeak, One of my skydiving acquaintances told me he booked some tunnel time to practice (on his own.) It was the Universal Citywalk tunnel. He explained that he was an experienced skydiver, so they should crank it up full blast... ...guess who found himself plastered to the side of the tunnel in front of a bunch of curious onlookers?
  5. Namowal

    Generic Skydive Noob Rant

    Hi there. I'm in noob territory myself just passed AFF level 3 (on my second attempt) yesterday. I can identify with so much of this. Same here. Ha! I know that nervousness well! My first tandem was from a Cessna at a small drop zone and that's pretty much how it went for me too. What had I gotten myself into? I'm no natural risk taker either. My idea of a good time is drawing pictures, listening to opera, watching cartoons or making cookies. While it's true the sport attracts and appeals to the daredevil crowd, I suspect there's plenty of "wimps" like me who think, Gee, this scares me, but it's %#@ awesome too! I wondered about that too. I was worried I'd panic or kick, but I did neither. The fact that I had a list of things to do (the dive plan) gave me something to focus on so there was no time to for "Oh noes! I'm falling really fast" thoughts. Lastly I'm sure more experienced skydivers will answer your questions better than I could, but I wanted you to know that you're not alone.