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  1. Please do this survey I would appericate your times and efforts. thanks
  2. So there is no problem with that? everything goes perfectly well?
  3. I am looking forward to start my AFF course, but I've heard that there will be radio assistance but I am 100% deaf! At my DZ, I've spoken to them, they said it is not a problem, they will use hand signal, but I am still nervous if that goes wrong as well. I am not sure if he meant hand signal at dropzone, because I wouldn't be able to see that far and I am worried if I couldn't find the dropzone. I know I worry too much. I am hoping that someone done this before and could explain me how this works, or any better ways to do this? Please.
  4. Ok, to be honest, I struggles with communication as I am deaf, I can speak, but I can't understand people. I am using this forum to be able to get full response from people without misunderstanding, and I know I am asking too much, but I am required to communicate people, and hear their opinion. Could you by any chance, express your opinion on why do you skydive? How did you decided that you wanted to skydive? If you don't have time, that's fine. I can ask someone else.
  5. SA. I am planning to do that, but to result more marks for grading, I need to do different ways of finding out why, but this is impossible. I will pop in at Lower Light soonish.
  6. thanks for your efforts, I am deaf so I can't understand what he is saying in the video.
  7. Why do people assumed I haven't skydive. I have already skydived three times, and is currently saving up to do AFF course. I know my own reason for skydiving, I am not ALLOWED to state MY own OPINION. I am asking your opinion as it is my task to ask people why do YOU skydive. I have done plenty of research, I am required to have someone to tell me their opinion to complete my project. I seen a forum asking EXACT same question and people answered, I am sorry that you guys assumed I was asking you guys to do my research! Now can someone please response to my question, why do you skydive?
  8. No, I am asking a simply one word, for an example - thrills. I am not asking for hundreds of words of why do you skydive.
  9. Okay, but why do you skydive. I skydive for thrills, but I want other people's opinion as I cannot state my own opinion in my research.
  10. I am doing a research on why do people skydive for school project. Any comments, i will be happy to hear.