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  1. JohnRich

    VS 384 solo, low EW

    What's "EW"?
  2. JohnRich

    need feedback

    Suggestion: Give it back to your husband.
  3. JohnRich

    Static Line jumping abroad

    Send another e-mail and ask them.
  4. JohnRich

    Hey all

    How come you traveled that far to make your first jump, when there are other locations much closer?
  5. JohnRich

    buying a container with a larger waist size?

    Put it on and see if it fits.
  6. JohnRich

    Wind tunnel near Ft. Walton Beach

    You'll get a better response if you tell everyone what State Ft. Walton is in, as there might be more than one city by that name, or many people won't recognize it.
  7. JohnRich

    San Antonio y'all?

    What's that?
  8. JohnRich

    Low Tech Horizontal Wind Tunnel

    A similar technique can be done while sitting by an open aircraft door while the plane climbs to altitude. You can stick your hand out the door into the wind blast, and by changing the shape of your palm and fingers you can feel which shape creates the most drag. And that's the most effective hand position to maximize the leverage you need from the wind on your hands to make yourself turn quicker. It's important info for old-fashioned style. It's interesting that you get more drag from spreading your fingers slightly apart, then by cupping them together. Yeah, you can do the same experiment out of a car window, but the speeds are slower.
  9. JohnRich

    Ed Miller, USMC, Farewell Friend

    Thank you for posting this, Nancy. Ed and I always seemed to bond on the infrequent occassions when we would run into each other skydiving, because we were both Marines. Ed worked overseas so much that he didn't get home to skydive often, and when he did he usually didn't travel to Houston where I am to do it. But Ed came to Houston recently to attend the funeral service of Dan Potts, a former Navy SEAL who served in Vietnam, and he revealed to me that he had stage-3 cancer. We had lost another skydiver just a few months ago, Rob Steffens, to exactly the same thing, so I immediately understood the serious nature of that statement, but tried not to make a big deal of it in front of everyone. I had to cajole Ed to posing with the group of skydivers present, as he tried to slip out of the photo because he didn't know anyone else there, and must have felt like he "didn't belong". Ed and I ended up after the memorial service departing at the same time in the parking lot of the church, and just kind of gave a casual goodbye to each other. But I realized then that it might be the last time I ever see him, and it didn't feel right, so I turned around, went back, and gave him a good strong hug. It probably looked kind of gay to have two big men hugging each other, but I'm damned glad now that I did. Rest in peace, Ed. We'll miss you. Bob Jameson states on Facebook that Ed went from E1 (Enlisted Private) to O5 (Officer Lt. Colonel) during his career. He won the Silver Star at the Battle of Hastings in 1966, One of the Brave! Here is the Wikipedia description of that battle: And here is Ed's Silver Star citation: Attached: Photo of skydivers at Dan's memorial service, with Ed in the back row. Someone please post a better close-up photo of Ed.
  10. JohnRich

    Old school jumpsuits Be more specific. Double-zipper jumpsuits? Balloon suits? Big-wing suits? Actual old jumpsuits, or newly made jumpsuits in the old style? All of the above?
  11. JohnRich

    Fading Rig Colors?

    Perhaps sunbleached? Yes. Any tips to prevent excessive fade? Keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Should I just cover my rig whenever it is not on my back? Yes. Hide it in a suitcase or bag when its at home? Keep it out of direct sunlight. Is there anything that can be done to renew the colors later? No. Is it safe to dye the fabric? No. Or is having a faded rig inevitable? Yes.
  12. Rankin wrote a book by that name also. Copies are hard to come by. Amazon ony has one, and it's selling for $125.
  13. It looks like Eddie travels around the country full time taking first-jump courses. What a guy!
  14. Here's a preview of the subject matter, so you can decide if you want to download it and look at it. Subject: Reserve lower steering lines and reserve toggles. Status: Mandatory (Inspection & Modification) Identification: All Decelerator reserves and Vortex 2 Rigs Background: Right reserve toggle locked after a cutaway procedure generating 2 rapid turns. April 13, 2012 (Gap, France) Origins : 1. Bartack sewing on the right lower steering line is too close to the brake set loop (5mm or 3/16" less than the left one) 2. Toggles nozzle are too soft, implying a nozzle narrowing.
  15. JohnRich

    Which option would be best?

    If you want help, perhaps you should give us some essential data, like how much you weigh.