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  1. Cool, PM'img my email! They don't have to be skydivers, I just like to use communities I know.
  2. Haha well if you know anyone good that is looking for a job and doesn't like sleeping have him send me his resume.
  3. Any good PHP developers on here that are looking for a job in San Diego (or move to San Diego)? Hit me up for details, I'd rather hire someone from the skydiving community then a random.
  4. I second all above recommendations and adding 2 options that are downtown: Bice on 5th and K Cafe chloe (my long time favorite till I ate at Bice) on 9th and F. If you do go to Georges, make SURE you have a reservation. Also, make sure you are there a full hour before sunset and not after dark. Edited to add: If you want dressy, go to Mr. A's it's the only truly dressy option in San Diego.
  5. I'll join this, I had an awesome day too! New Company revenue record (I own it so I care) and just got keys to my new apartment!
  6. Here, problem solved:
  7. Go Big or Go Home. It has served me surprisingly well.
  8. Fixed that for you, you forgot the most important word.
  9. I'd say it's a fair assumption that the balloons where there to mark the tree so that they could avoid it as a bush without any leaves should be rather tough to see at 200mph.
  10. I usually go up to Cleveland national. Guess it depends where you go. Last time I was looking for pigs I must have seen at least a dozen and I wasn't searching for them. I'm not sure if they were Jack's or Cotton tails though and since only Jack's are open season I'll have to see if I can take any.
  11. No worries, any forum the size of has plenty of douche bags to last for months. It's pretty simple usually someone will nominate a person (by quoting their most annoying posts) and people then come to the unanimous conclusion that that person needs to go. I'd suppose if there's no real "winner" with a lot more votes, you'd just not kick anyone out.
  12. There are supposed to be quite a few big wild hogs around here. We went out a couple weeks ago and found some promising spots. Also there's boat loads of rabbits.
  13. Another forum I frequent actually does that. There's a monthly ban thread. Everyone votes and the person with the most votes gets a perma-ban. It's rather useful to get rid of the most annoying people.
  14. Hey San Diego people, I'm looking for a local hunting buddy, the friend I usually go with doesn't have much time atm so I figured I'd check if anyone on here wants to go out in the next few days. Shoot me a PM if you do!
  15. Let me correct that for you
  16. I've been hiring hard over the last 2 months. Pro-Tip: Instead of just asking for a job (which I get all the time and is rather annoying. The whole: "You are doing well, so you should give me a job but I'm too lazy to actually put any effort into telling you why" is a surefire way to get you on any do-never-hire list) so tell people your qualifications. Chances are I have no use for someone that simply says "I need a job". If you on the other hand tell me "this is my experience, this is the work I have done, this is what I want to do and this is why you should hire me" you have quite the better chance of actually getting a job.
  17. Hausse

    space exit.

    Seems like they have some industrial haze problems. Good to know they aren't taking it all that serious either
  18. How the hell did you calculate strokes/encounter? What strokes per minute speed did you assume?
  19. Having fewer partners does not necessarily mean getting laid less. True, it just means your a less awesome person
  20. Which ever way you go, make sure you put your FULL NAME + what it is as the name of the attachments. It's VERY annoying if you have 100 e-mails and then have to try to figure out who's resume and cover letter is belonging to who's email.That's one of the reasons I prefer to have both as attachments, I can dowload them all into a folder and then if they are named smartly (which they never are) it would be easy to just go one by one. Also, e-mails have formatting problems etc. that make it look unprofessional even though it might have looked great on your computer.
  21. Lol I was more thinking of abandoned structures that can be accessed by scuba diving into it more so then diving into a sewer...
  22. Anyone ever done it? Stories? I'm in SD and it sounds fun if someone is up for it. Would especially like to combine it with scuba.
  23. Hausse

    SoCal Flooding

    Living on the 18th floor of an earthquake secure building has it's perks! Downtown has been pretty okay flood wise from what I see, I hear mission valley is bad.
  24. I've slept in a tent in NY in November with 1 foot of snow. All you need is a few blankets and a hat. If you think you'll need a space heater in FL, you are in need of balls.