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  1. What I wonder most about is, how christians explain that according to the bible the earth is just about 7000 years old. I mean we have carbon dating (yes I know the hat example but nobody can say it is always wrong) we can see stars from the earth which are billions of light years away (meaning the light was already on the way a billion years ago and reaches us now) and a lot of other things. How can you still belive in the bible when there are so many things which are just obviously wrong?
  2. Haven't read the thread so don't yell at me if someone already said the same: I believe that mankind created god (yes I'm athesit) out of the simple reason that they were not able to accept (out of what ever various reason) that the ARE just a piece of dust in the universe, the the are NOT important and that there might be times were NOBODY loves them. Simple and straight forward.
  3. Exactly this incredibly stupid way of thinking makes the hole world hate you. Sad for a country which is actually pretty nice but people who think like that deserve it... Edit: concernes Coreeces first post.
  4. Very interesting thread even though it made me think most of the people which were pro SUV live ether in the desert, on top of a mountain with 2foot snow year round or at some place were you seriously need a car (I don't say SUV on purpose here because a lot of SUV's are not very practical off-road) which is able to drive on terrain like that and crash their car at least 5 times a year. I'm coming from Switzerland (yes the country with the really big mountains and a LOT of snow) and I don't know one person which uses a pickup truck (I'm not even sure if they are legal in Switzerland) but I know quite a few people who drive SUV's (mostly BMW's) but NONE of them drives it because he needs it but out of comfort. I used to drive a Fiat Uno Convertable: The funny thing is I haven't been stuck once (I always have snow chains in it) and I love snowboarding so I was in the mountains a lot and we have a lot of snow. I would dear say that all of the people which say they need a SUV for off roading are just not good enough driver to drive a smaller cars off-road. For the safety reason: There were 75 dead people per 1 million in Switzerland while the US had 147 ( Unfortunately I could not find a statistic about how many cars in Switzerland are SUV’s and trucks but I can assure you it’s a lot less. Even though there might not be a obvious connection, if SUV’s were so much safer, chances are that the US would not have double as many deads.
  5. I usually just have trouble sleeping the night before exams. Not due to nervousness but I just can't stop thinking about the material. What helps me best is MEATONIN You can buy it at every GNC nutrition store. It's FDA approved and does not need a prescription. Good thing about it is, its a naturally occuring substance in the body and nothing like a sleeping pill. Just take 3mg an hour before bedtime and your gonna sleep great.
  6. You made a mistake in the math: For a 70kg person: 70kg*30mg=2100mg 2100mg/300(mg/l)=7l So to get the dose at which still 100% survived you need to drink 7l Chances are the alcohol is kill you a LOT sooner than the Thujone.
  7. Hey I won't run it but I'd like to. Half Marathon is not too hard if you are in acceptable shape. And under 2 hours is makable. Have fun!
  8. We in Switzerland eat horses that solves the problem without the trouble of teaching the horse all those rules
  9. I don't know what you are doing at your DZ, but I doubt that a law against skull fucking would influence skydiving...
  10. The ultimate trick to avoid hangovers is a raw egg (preferably very fresh or it's not going to do any good) and a quart of water before going to bed. Helps always perfectly.
  11. Hey that sounds pretty cool I think I'll do that. I'll check and tell you as soon as possible if I can make it. And no, I'm not pickey about cleanlyness
  12. Okey so not this weekend You don't have any jump courses on friday's do you? But if i remember right, there is a beginners lesson on the isn't there?
  13. Hey I just came back from Missouri (15 hours of driving) and I would love driving up to Wisconsin just to see the country (I have never been in that part of the US). Now the problem is, it will take me about 10 hours so it will be very hard to leave on a Thursday after school and drive back Sunday night and still be fit enough to jump. But I'm sure there will be some way to make it happen. Labor day would be a good possibility (even though it's coming up very soon and I don't know if you have a course on that Friday) or if that doesn't work I'll just have to skip school for a day
  14. Use DemonTools (just google it it's a virtual CD drive)
  15. Thanks for all your answers. I'm at the moment in Missouri that's why it took me a little longer to reply. I'm seriously thinking about driving to Wissota for a few days since they are a lot cheaper than everybody else. How fast can I do my 25 jumps? I'm usually off on Friday so I could easyly take 3 days time to drive there.
  16. Okey I'll think about not prepaying. It might be smarter not to just because then I have the chance to piece the money together and spend it when I have it left over. I'm working on enjoying my 20s but that doesn't prevent me from working for financial independence. I'll do my best and even if I don't get it done till I'm 40 it's still better having enjoyed every minute of my life.
  17. I'd rather safe up money first and then prepay it instead of paying more. That's probably my Swiss genes;)
  18. The point is, that it's about 300$ cheaper if I prepay and that's what I'm going to do. I hope I'll find a job at the college and have the possibility to work at the DZ then I shouldn't have too much trouble.
  19. The place I looked at charges 1600$ for 25 jumps with Static Line. It sounds like a pretty cheap way to do it (not as cheap as other ones but less expensive than AFF even though it would probably be more fun). I won't have any problems with school just because of jumping. The only problem it will bring me in is cash but I'm usually pretty good in handeling that.
  20. Yeah I have some stock I'll probably sell off anyways in a few days and I'll just take a little bit out so I don't get into too much trouble (and I don't want to get unconcious while skydiving because I haven't eaten in days;) I'm sure by now that I'll do it. Everybody is telling me the usual stuff like "you have enough time so do it later" and so on but since I don't know if there's gonna be a later I'd rather do it now
  21. I completely agree but at the same time I hope I'll make a hole lot of money after College so that shouldn't be too much of an issue anymore
  22. Yeah after struggeling already 19 years and if I'm realistic (and substracting the money I'll probably spend on skydiving if I decide to start) I'll easily spend another 5 years not having the kind of money I'd like to have So to everybody out here in Michigan or Ohio I'm looking for a job which ether pays a lot or pays in skydiving lessons or jumps
  23. I will I'm pretty determined to succeed in school since I want to be able to retire by 35 (yes sounds crazy but that's my goal) and not bother my hole life with not being able to afford what I'd like to.
  24. Okey I just came back from Tecumseh and it was a big mistake going there. Now I HAVE to do it Just checked on my finances and I think if I don't eat for the next few weeks it could work. Anybody knows a good paying job in this area so I don't have to starve?
  25. Thanks for finding the chart for me it could be in a more obvious place... 1600$ doesn't sound too bad even though I'll probably need gear sooner or later. Do the 1600$ include drinks at the bonfire?