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  1. I had the exact same thing happening to me on my 15th jump two weeks ago and I still don't know why it malfunctioned. Do you know/have a good guess what was wrong?
  2. 0:0:0 I had to stay home so I can go skydiving this weekend...
  3. Nope I'm from Switzerland and english is my 4th language. Sorry it's not perfect yet but I'm working on it. (I live in Michigan at the moment)
  4. I don't really agree seeing that President Bush got elected TWICE even after he led the US into a pointless war...
  5. No problem If you need more help just PM me.
  6. I didn't even bother reading the thread about something the only source is Wikipedia... If you can bring some reliable source I will but not like that...
  7. Actually I asked myselfe exactly the same question a couple days before (I didn't dare asking my VERY Christian host family Kind of the only thing I could come up with was that he sits on a chair and there is a nice line of atheists and christians (-->maybe he's more a fan of muslims or something else) and he tells each one of them that they will be condamned to hell for eternity and laughs his ass off but not without occasionaly looking down to earth and laughing about the poor sucker which just messed up a low hook turn
  8. I just hat my first cut-away on my 15st jump last weekend. The lines were over the canopy so about the 3 right cells did not inflate and it started spinning instantly so I got rid of it. Nice and soft landing so everything went just as it should have in an emergency. I am still not sure why I had the line over. I packed it my selfe but I was supervised all the time and my rigger even put it into the bag. Body position was good so I guess I must have made a mistake packing. When I came down the only thing which pissed me off was that I just pulled the reserve of the only 235 transition rig and that the girl who should have jumped it (I got down-sized) couldn't because she had to wait for the repack. I went on the next load and did another two jumps that day. I actually felt safer after having my first reserve ride just because then I knew (and not just guessed) that I would react right in an emergency and not freak out. I never had gear fear because I completely trust the people at the DZ.
  9. I did static line class and then 7 jumps. I would have taken a lot more time though if I wouldn't have to drive 12h to get to the DZ
  10. Right is: Ich gehe gerne Fallschirm springen.
  11. Hm I'm pretty happy with the world how it is. Sure some things suck but if I wouldn't have to deal with stuff like that, it would be pretty boring. So I'll hope for my first skydiving gear (a rigg, main, reserve, suit, helmet, altimeter)
  12. What my DZ did: I started skydiving last week and had a 288 sqft first and got then assigned to a 235sqft. I have probably about 190lb exit weight.
  13. Thanks. But I begin to doubt that it was a good Idea to start skydiving... I can't think of anything else anymore (who was the person who said I would have trouble with school?:) Can't wait for the weekend.
  14. Hey I made it home! Really good drive. Took me a little over 11h. Thanks for the awesome weekend to everybody. No doubt the best weekend of my life. Special thanks to Chad who pack a lot of my chutes because I was to busy jumping and to Mary for teaching me all this cool stuff. Even though I can't compare to other DZ I guess it has to be one of the best since pretty much everything was perfect. They packed me into every load I could get so I could make as many jumps as possible. I ended up doing 5 S/L jumps and 2 free fall on the first day and 6 jumps on the second day finishing with an amazing 4-way. And next to the jumping I met some of the nicest people I know. I just watched all the video and I'm already looking forward to drive another 11 hours next weekend to get back to Wissota for more jumps. I just hope the weather will be as good as this weekend. See you all soon Stephan
  15. Stupid US Law... In Switzerland we can get legally d-runk with 16...
  16. Very few Americans live in those conditions year round. Those that do can manage with most cars. But us coast dwellers that drive up to ski a few weekends a year do benefit from awd vehicles and it's not practical for us to install snow tires like you probably do. Okey you have a point in the snow tires. But I bet I could get up onto every mountain with acceptable streets with a normal car, normal tires and a good set of snow chains (it's not gonna kill you putting them on twiece a year)
  17. Just wanted to thank all of you for your help and support. I decided to drive up the 10 hours to Wisconsin this Friday to save a hole bunch of money. (If somebody needs a ride PN me;) Now I just have to hope for good weather.
  18. EDITED TO ADD: Define "creationist" I believe God is the creator of the universe, however I don't agree with a young earth theory or a literal interpretation of Genesis. Why don't I believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis? To me it is quite simple. I don't believe everything in the Bible was meant to be taken as literal. The writers of the books & letters that made the bible used metaphors, allegories, stories, prose and other parts of literture. It begins with what you believe is the purpose of the bible. I believe it is to point us to JC. To do that Genesis doesn't have to be understood literally any more than Revelation does. So how do you know which parts are meant to be stories/metaphors, and which parts are "true"? If Genesis is a fable, how do you know that the life of Jesus isn't a fable? He might just think. It usually helps to figure stuff like that out
  19. As far as I know (yes I read the bibel) it wasn't exactly god who wrote the bible but more some friends of jesus who decided to write something down a few years later... That's another point I don't understand. How can you belive in something written by a couple humans and follow it straight without even thinking...
  20. Even though I think the poster before me didn't choose the right tone for a discussion, I also disagree. The thing about atheists is that we just believe in what CAN be proven.
  21. Bin halb Schweizer halb Deutscher hoffe das ist gut genug Studiere zur Zeit in den USA und muss sagen ich mag Englisch mittlerweilen schon besser als Deutsch.
  22. I never had to drive over a 12" stone ledge in my live and I made 12'000 miles since january. And I'm also pretty positiv that I won't have to do it in a long time. So taking that into consideration for which car to buy seems kind of riddicculus when you are not doing it at least once a week...
  23. Just tell me how you can belive in a good god who banishes hundreds of millions of people from all different religions to hell by just not making them belive in him by lets say... just showing up?
  24. My question was more rethorical. I know (I have a christian host family here in the US and we discussed a LOT about it) that people who don't want to accept the unimportance of themselves (I already wrote that in post 789) are really good in making up weird (and mostly obviously wrong for anybody who understands the subject and didn't learn about it on jesus channel) answers by not knowing anything about science (like carbon dating).