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  1. Cool, PM'img my email! They don't have to be skydivers, I just like to use communities I know.
  2. Haha well if you know anyone good that is looking for a job and doesn't like sleeping have him send me his resume.
  3. Any good PHP developers on here that are looking for a job in San Diego (or move to San Diego)? Hit me up for details, I'd rather hire someone from the skydiving community then a random.
  4. I second all above recommendations and adding 2 options that are downtown: Bice on 5th and K Cafe chloe (my long time favorite till I ate at Bice) on 9th and F. If you do go to Georges, make SURE you have a reservation. Also, make sure you are there a full hour before sunset and not after dark. Edited to add: If you want dressy, go to Mr. A's it's the only truly dressy option in San Diego.
  5. I'll join this, I had an awesome day too! New Company revenue record (I own it so I care) and just got keys to my new apartment!
  6. Here, problem solved:
  7. Go Big or Go Home. It has served me surprisingly well.
  8. Fixed that for you, you forgot the most important word.
  9. I'd say it's a fair assumption that the balloons where there to mark the tree so that they could avoid it as a bush without any leaves should be rather tough to see at 200mph.
  10. I usually go up to Cleveland national. Guess it depends where you go. Last time I was looking for pigs I must have seen at least a dozen and I wasn't searching for them. I'm not sure if they were Jack's or Cotton tails though and since only Jack's are open season I'll have to see if I can take any.
  11. No worries, any forum the size of has plenty of douche bags to last for months. It's pretty simple usually someone will nominate a person (by quoting their most annoying posts) and people then come to the unanimous conclusion that that person needs to go. I'd suppose if there's no real "winner" with a lot more votes, you'd just not kick anyone out.
  12. There are supposed to be quite a few big wild hogs around here. We went out a couple weeks ago and found some promising spots. Also there's boat loads of rabbits.
  13. Another forum I frequent actually does that. There's a monthly ban thread. Everyone votes and the person with the most votes gets a perma-ban. It's rather useful to get rid of the most annoying people.
  14. Hey San Diego people, I'm looking for a local hunting buddy, the friend I usually go with doesn't have much time atm so I figured I'd check if anyone on here wants to go out in the next few days. Shoot me a PM if you do!