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  1. Yeah I'll just go to the next DZ and try to get a good deal tomorrow and then if I have a fixed number I'm gonna figure out how to afford it. I didn't know Skydivers were such a party folk but that's just making it more interesting
  2. That doesn't really count as part-time job more as under the counter job Problem with the snow shoveling business is, that guys with big trucks and snowblades are quite a bit faster and cheaper than I am. I'll just drive out to Tacumseh tomorrow and see if they can help me. Anybody ever been there?
  3. Yeah I won't quit school for skydiving and I can't do part time jobs since I'm on student visa. So I'll just have to find a really cheap place and pack a lot of chutes.
  4. Okey sounds like something which could help me but I'll have to pack quite a few parachutes to make 6000$ I guess. Anybody know if Tecumseh offers S/L? They don't have a price list online.
  5. Don't I need to know how to Skydive before I can pack chutes?
  6. When calling around, ask if any of the places do static line. Static line is much cheaper than AFF (and you end up in the same place anyway). If you can find a club DZ with a 182, better yet. I got my A license (25 jumps) for $740 (including gear, coaching, instruction, video debriefs etc) via static line at a 182 club dz in Wisconsin (but then again I was also taking out the trash, packing student rigs and scrubbing toilets--well I still am but...) That sounds like the perfect way for me Does anyone know of a place like that near Toledo? Or should I drive up to Wisconsin for a Weekend? (It would take me about 9 hours..)
  7. Thanks for your advice. I won't save on security (I dive so I know pretty well how much security in extreme sports means since I have lost a few friends). That it will exceed my budget is clear it's always like that but if I can't even afford to get licensed that would really suck. I was just at the local airport and they told me Tecumseh, MI is the closest DZ so I'll probably just drive there (even if it's about 45 min.) and ask how much they'll charge me. Maybe I make some friends;) Is it a good place to learn? Is it smarter to buy a rig and everything right from the beginning or should I wait? I'll probably go with a used one.
  8. Okey then I'm sunk. I'll never be able to afford that. Even 2k would bring me into truble but 6k... The thing is, that the cheapest place may or may not be the best place to learn, but the only place I can afford ;) I have been in a wind tube 3 times back home in Switzerland and the guy said I'm natural so I hope I get through all the courses straight away without repeating any. I'm in really good shape and I'm 19 so I think I have pretty good chances. How much is a used gear going to cost me? You said the price depends on where I jump. What would be the cheapest place? Thanks
  9. Hi everybody. I just registered on this board so I don't know if the question was already asked 500 times. I searched but couldn't find anything. I'm an exchange student from Switzerland and I always wanted to do my skydiving license. And since it is a little cheaper over here in the US I will do it here. But since I'm a pretty poor College Student, I was wondering how much it will cost me in the end. Can anybody give me a price range for the 25 dives I need for the A-License? And where's the cheapest place to do it. I live in Toledo ,OH but I wouldn't mind driving a few hours for saving money. Thanks.