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  1. You are a LICENSED parachute distributor in the skydiving industry no? You have brought your commercial business into the forums like this. Is this how you conduct your business of gear sales? Is this what your customers have to worry about when doing business with you? If someone is unreachable because of an accident or emergency, will they have to worry about you coming here and messing their name and reputation up? This is not the way a professional gear distributor conducts business and I will be making a complaint to every manufacturer letting them know of your behaviour and your business ethics. To all those who consider doing any business with this man in the future, ask yourself, are you prepared to risk this sort of thing as his business way of problem solving?
  2. This is getting out of hand and for my personal information to be broad casted over the internet is completely inappropriate and uncalled for. thats very unexpected from someone who has gone to law school and very incriminating to yourself. I do NOT see why you have to put that information up here or my parents information up here. I would like you to know Im taking down your information not to tell everyone about but more for my personal protection. If anything happens to me or my family it is YOU who is responsible for it, out of anyone on here I would figure a lawyer would understand this. Further more to threaten me in a public forum where everyone can see and be witness to is very irresponsible and very shocking. Again Im not here to argue whats done is done and nothing can be changed, I do hope everyone can learn from this and try not to be so trusting even in a community that is as small as this one. -Will
  3. P.P.S It seems that Mr. Serg has other threads like this one putting peoples names out there on the internet to try and screw them over. Im starting to notice a trend. Does anybody know/dealt with Ronald David Vento?;page=unread#unread
  4. Im NOT replying to Serg's post to argue with him or anyone else for that matter. I have sold many items over this web site (all being skydive related items) and have never had any complaints nor accusations along the lines of these. I am very offended that fellow jumpers can hear one side of a story and not even want to hear the other before they start throwing out slanderous terms like "thief, conman or fraudster." I am none of these! I cant believe NOT one single person emailed me or got in communication with me to actually be like "what happened?" NO ONE tried. Its fine people can think and will think what they want but I can honestly say i was NOT trying to scam anyone in this transaction. -Will P.s. i never got an email stating that anything was wrong with the package the buyer received...
  5. gorgeous car no doubt in that but my dad had one it was by far the fastest car i have ever driven but man it was loud as shit on on the inside of the thing (he ended up selling it and getting the 2007 M5 now that was an amazing car)
  6. cause the world doesnt need anymore of these
  7. pretty funny man that kid is way tall i didnt think he could dunk like that when i met him white men can jump
  8. my mom showed me this (maybe a repost probably not) *note* i dont know how to make a clicky
  9. i just cam across this wondering if anyone has gone to it and could give feed back on it it looks fun and all plus i saw a few pictures of jumpers
  10. dude you totally forgot to mention the hot blondes with huge boobies
  11. thats crazy that they can actually hear that
  12. closing pin around her neck nice
  13. okay maybe im just totally not paying enough attention but did get like a face lift? no boobies posts? no offensive material? what happened? im crushed
  14. im pretty young but ive had some damn good sex in my day... on a dirt bike-takes serious balance on a pool table-watch the balls-the ones on the table a gymnast- always fun on the hood of a car-watch for dents a hot tub-different well i guess in free fall maybe or mile high would be different but i would want the plane unpressurized- adds to the fun
  15. well i went last week to a small version of it. i guess they take some of the better films and go around and show them. it was pretty cool. there was a kayaking one that was bad ass anyone else see them or actually go to the film festival? ill be going to the next one