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  1. I'm looking to integrate a music player into our blog, however I need it to not reload on every page. There is a perfect example of it at bounfm.com, it stays on the bottom of the page and continues to play no matter what page you click thru etc. I don't know if frames are the way to go or ajax (which I know almost nothing about). Anyone know how to do so? Our blog is designed in wordpress (musikbeats.com) I didn't do links as I don't want the bots to follow to the pages so I apologize about not making them clicky. Would be willing to compensate if someone can design or point in direction to get me started.
  2. Anyone who's good with Wordpress need some help... We want to remove the categories box from showing up under the titles on the homepage and on our slider. Reason being is that we post some articles to ghost categories that we use as landing pages for feeds as well as we have the categories linked from the main menu. We don't want the articles to show up with the category box on them. See the front page for example is probably the easiest to describe. For example you'll see in the slider there is the first post about Tomorrowland it shows as being in 2 categories "Downloads and Media" we just want those boxes not there period. Then under the categories sections on the front page the first post under News shows both categories as "BounFM and News" which we don't need either. I've searched the code and commented out what I thought would remove the category echo and call function but it did nothing any help would be awesome! http://www.musikbeats.com
  3. OMG DUDE!!!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU MAN! (IN A BROMANCE KIND OF WAY)!!! When I get back up in the sky your next jump is on me or if you're ever in the SWFL area dinner is on me!
  4. Can anyone help me out on this one? I've got a page that I need to load and place the cursor automatically in the text box. We are using a scanner that scans cards and then reloads the page. I need it to be unattended but can't get the cursor to load back into the text field. I've tried java, jquery and about anything else I can find online... link is www.evolutionteenclubnaples.com/checkin If anyone can help I'm in desperate need to try and get this working by this evening... Thanks - Kansas
  5. I remember maybe like 10 years ago when I started jumping there was a picture of what I recall was a guy in a spaceman suit either head down or sky surfing with the shuttle launch in the background. Anyone have that picture or have a link? I was trying to show a friend it as we were talking about the shuttle launches and skydiving. Thanks!
  6. Electronaut, thanks to your post and links you found it pointed me in the right direction. I downloaded raid reconstructor and then captain nemo pro and was able to view and am in the process of transfering all the data off the raid! Thank you so much, I'd love to buy you a beer sometime!!! My day just got that much better. This is always why I've loved the skydiver community, always willing to help a complete stranger in need. Thanks again man I really appreciate it
  7. I've made some progress. I have a machine with 2 sets of sata ports. I setup the bios to allow for raid on sata 0 and 1. Now in windows it recognizes the drives are there but doesn't have them setup as raid. I have a via raid controller and it regonizes the drives as healthy and not in an array, it gives me the option to create a raid 0, if I do this will it erase the data on it or will it just set them up to mount? All I care about is the data, I don't care if the drives boot up again or not. Do you think by creating the new array it will erase the data?
  8. The pc wouldn't boot thought because the drivers on the new computer would be completely different wouldn't it?
  9. If that's an option I will certainly find a mobo or borrow a computer from someone who has 2 extra sata on it. Where would I go from there?
  10. It was a software raid on an intel mobo using their intel matrix storage raid software. I've tried to install the software on another pc and have the drives hooked up via 2 usb external drives but the software does not recognize the drives... I don't have another option of I'd use another mobo with raid capabilities. I only have files backed up not the raid config :(
  11. Laptop mobo bit the dust... Was setup at raid 0 with 2 sata drives. I've made changes since my last backup last week that I urgently need to get the docs. Drives are ok, is there ANY way I can access the raid on another machine using 2 usb enclosures? Please help help help if anyone has any ideas on how to make this work
  12. Ok I've got myself into a real toungetwister here and need a suggestion as I can't be the only one trying to figure this out... Here's the scenario: Domain and email is hosted by XYZ company. Website MUST stay with current provider. Email solution they offer sucks need to move away from them We run a SBS 2008 with exchange 2007 using a pop3 connector to download said email from host Reason we use pop3 connector is in the event the server goes down be that due to a hurricane or mechanical problems all emails can still be accessed through the domain provider Problem... The domain provider SUCKS, they're servers are spaming the accounts and causing problems, we use postini to filter emails however the emails (10,000 this morning) are infecting the providers server directly and no trace of postini header. MX records all point to postini only... What I'd like to resolve... I want to change the MX records to direct to Barracuda (sorry google) then directly to our exchange server and get away from the pop3 connector. However I need a backup plan, in the event the server goes down, I need the emails to direct to another service AND the employees need to be able to access their emails from that service. I've found exchange holding patterns and services that will hold the emails until the service comes back up, but I need a different approach. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? I'm at a loss... I'd much rather just change hosts however we can't, I can only change the MX records to direct to new mail servers
  13. haha shit I didn't realize it was a clicky... Ok let me rephrase myself. Can anyone WRITE the code for me haha? I know nothing about java so all that is jibber jabber to me lol.
  14. lol ok... So I just need to add a and it'll work haha? What if I use a will it not work? Can anyone help please?