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  1. We lost Rob (or extreme ironing fame) to skateboarding. Considering the sh*t he used to pull, it came as a hell of a surprise.
  2. Jasmin

    BASE in central/south america

    I'll be there in feb-march too
  3. Jasmin

    ABA when is the 2005 vid coming?

    Yeah I'm still working on the aerials clip, but my 'puter is off getting converted into a full editing suite. I should have it back by the end of the month. Hey Greg, yeah my memory's correct, it was a lanky bugger design.
  4. For Aust, my first choice would be Melbourne (Nagambie), if you need a second choice I'd put Perth (Skydive Express). NZ is beatiful, but the jump scene is a little smaller if you're not interested in being a TM! Good luck with your choice...
  5. Jasmin

    Stupid Base

    "Slim: A BASE Life" was put together by Fast Al. It features a swag of well known jumpers and gives an awesome overview of the guy we all loved. For those arguing about Slim hitting the wall, it shows Slim's first incident with the wall. Very cool. The other one you are referring to is "Stoopid BASE: A mock-umentry." I hope you like it, as I made it. Its got Dan W's frap in in France, Aussie Jimmy's rope swing-BASE, waterfalls and also has Rob's famous Bike-canopy entanglement.... Let me know what you think.
  6. Jasmin

    Attention Ozzies...

    Thanks to everyone who turned up, hope you had a great night. We were rapt to win another award, 2 winning films out of 2 attempts ain't bad...
  7. Jasmin

    Sydney Skydiving Centre

    I've been to most dz's in the states and all through Europe and there's no place like home!! Otter, beaver, skyvan, bell jet ranger (chopper jumps!!) and soon a BRAND NEW XL!! People are pretty cool, weather's not too bad and there is always free beer in the afternoon for something first or stupid!! Bird-man, FF, canopy, Rel etc its a rare time there isn't someone about to help/play. Visitors have included Jtval, czechbase, cornishchris (moved here from UK after just one visit!!?), jari [bird-man] and TEric.
  8. Jasmin

    Sydney Skydiving Centre

    Always open on weekends and public holidays, Mon-Fri call at 7am to check the weather and see how many loads are on. Weekends on average up to 20 loads a day, Mon-Fri may only do 2-3 loads, more if busy. Gear hire is $30 per jump. Aff, Tandem, TAFF are all available. Rel, FF, star-crests and some bird-man jumps can all be done for the more experienced jumpers. For people trying to organise midweek jumpign with other skydivers, an e-mail group exists. Subscription details can be found in the "Places to Jump" forum. Cornishchris, grumpy, obes, danvan, jasmin (and many others) can all be found here!! For other dz details please check out the site or e-mail.