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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. This was very helpful.
  2. My apologies if this has been covered before, but what is the type of padded nylon material that is used on the inside of container flaps? Where can this material be purchased? Thanks, Mike
  3. Nope, chute opened fine. I just picked this photo out of the sequence.
  4. Even though I was using a 400mm lens, from my vantage point, it really looked like this member of the Leap Frogs hummed it. Guess you had to be there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikefb2764/4984233201/
  5. Unfortunately, I was not on the jump, so I dont have any photos. Hopefully some will be posted soon.
  6. Yesterday, we said goodbye to our friend Carl Sr. The memorial service was held at Skydive Chicago, followed by an ash jump over the DZ. Here are some photos of the service: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikefb2764/sets/72157624122827934/ Mike
  7. No, I havent heard of anything. I will see what I can find out, but I would imagine that it will be late spring early summer.
  8. I haven't heard any specific details on the services yet. I did read that there was going to be a memorial service and ash dive at Skydive Chicago later this year. I will post details as they become available. -Mike
  9. Carl Nelson Sr., father of Carl Nelson (FB #1) and Roger Nelson (FB#2), passed away yesterday (1/2/2010). I met Carl back at Skydive Sandwich in the 80's when he and his wife, Pat, ran a little deli on the DZ. He was a great guy who always made time for you. Thanks for the memories. Blue Skies.
  10. Yeah...the whole gallery is flash based. It is actually pretty cool, but yes, it does require a recent version of the flash plugin. Sorry.
  11. This post is a little self serving, so I apologize in advance. I entered a Nikon photo contents and one of my photos made it to the finals. Now everyone get to vote to determine the winners. If you have a chance, check out... http://www.ashtonsd60.com/gallery.aspx#/?category=all&sort=finalist&page=4&image=1772 ... and if you like the shot, please vote for it. I am not sure how long the link will be valid, but it is a photo from the 10 way competition during the 2000 nationals. Thanks for your help! Mike
  12. Here is a picture of the formation that I found on the net. I believe that this is Mike McGowans shot, but I am not sure.
  13. Normiss, Skymama, What browsers are you using. I am not seeing the same results. I see one listing for Z-hills and one for Skydive Tampa. Thanks, Mike