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  1. SkydiveJack

    where is Carl Beck or Sherry Kolander

    Carl Beck, who jumped in Normandy on D-Day ended up in Zephyrhills. He continued jumping until he passed away peacefully a while back, maybe 20 years ago. He was a hell of a person.
  2. SkydiveJack

    Any earlier CReW than 1975?

    Pat, I don't know if anyone did CRW before Bobby & Beanpole. But I know it was possible!
  3. SkydiveJack

    USPA director name

    Paul Proctor?
  4. SkydiveJack

    Andy Ring - UK

    Andy was a good person and a good friend. We had a lot of fun together whenever I visited Headcorn and he visited Z-hills. Blue Skies Buddy!
  5. SkydiveJack

    Vintage parachute press?

    Putting ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.
  6. SkydiveJack

    Today was a good day.

    It just gets better!
  7. SkydiveJack

    Hot Mama

    OMG, early skydiver porn!
  8. SkydiveJack

    Glider antics with skydiver
  9. SkydiveJack

    static line jumpmaster?

    Works for me! I don't see why not.
  10. SkydiveJack

    Plane Pix

    So after seeing three of their frinds get injured the other two go up and do it again! That's hard core!!! I guess this proves the old saying- "If your going to be stupid you better be tough."
  11. SkydiveJack

    Hangover cure

    He might have said it, but do you know if he really did it?
  12. SkydiveJack

    round crw

    We did that cheapo tri-plane on 6/15/80 at the old SOD Farm, east of Tampa. We used student rigs, 28' 7TU cheapos with full gutter gear. The three of us in the triplane were Ferd Boger (RIP), me and Mike Lewis. Al Ramsey took the air to air photo. We even did a 4 stack with two 28's on top and two Strato Stars below. Shortly after this photo a few of us bought some 28's and modified them. We gutted the lines that ran through the canopy, installed three ring risers, diapers and hand deploy pilot chutes. They would fit in our existing Strato Star/Cloud sized rigs. Much safer. Those were crazy days! I would love to get a scan if anybody has one.
  13. SkydiveJack

    USPA Board Appeal

    More information please Mark. What specific act on your part did the Executive Committee determine to be "conduct unbecoming a skydiver and or likely to bring unfavorable attention upon the organization"? I'm probably wrong, but I thought revoking a persons membership had to be done by the full Board of Directors.
  14. SkydiveJack

    What is this plane?#123

    DO-228? I might have gotten the number wrong.
  15. Thanks for posting this Pat! It was a nice read. I really enjoy hearing from those who were there in the begining. It seems that we are getting more of these people coming out of the woodwork.