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  1. BREAKING NEWS- Hillary Clinton has joined the “Me Too” campaign. Her office just came out with a press release stating that Clinton was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. She provided documentation proving that Trump screwed her against her wishes on November 8, 2016.
  2. Carl Beck, who jumped in Normandy on D-Day ended up in Zephyrhills. He continued jumping until he passed away peacefully a while back, maybe 20 years ago. He was a hell of a person.
  3. I heard that Bob Sinclair passed away yesterday at a hospital in Lake Wales, Florida. Bob was an early pioneer of “Buddy Jumping” which developed into the AFF we have today. I saw him this summer in Michigan at the Midwest Freefall Reunion. He was one of the early heroes of our sport. RIP Bob!
  4. The Denver Dopers over the Seattle Sensimilla's by three joints.
  5. One of the old time jumpers told me this was still out there when you started. Sparky Wow!!! Where did you find a copy of my first jump etching? Thanks for posting!
  6. What everyone else said. These were still out when I started jumping but I never saw one until now. Thank you!
  7. I get the feeling that he is actually OFF his meds.
  8. How sad. I knew her when she first started jumping. Truely a wonderful person. Blue Skies Eli!
  9. Pretty clearly it is a lock for the right side elevator trim tab. But I don't have any clear idea why it is there.
  10. Amazing. I have a hundred cheapo jumps and I can't imagine how you could get a 3 way round CRW formation with those canopies. Can't really call it a stack. 377 The funny thing was that it wasn't that hard. The three of us in the triplane photo had somewhere around three or four 2 Way CRW jumps with the cheapos. We got it on the first try. Of course we had a lot of other CRW jumps with squares. Like other canopies, the cheapos had forward and downward speed. To close up a large vertical differance the top jumper would pull a riser and dump air to get to the others level. Pulling both toggles closed up small differences. Once you had the right levels you made sure you did the turns very slowely. We docked like a stack and then climbed down the lines to make it into a bi or tri plane.
  11. Pat, I will PM you with what I can dig up. The two photos you see are the only two I have from this jump. We did some other stuff like a 4 stack with two cheaops on top & 2 squares on the bottom. I will see if I can get you in contact with the photographer and see if he can send you better quality shots. Truffer published the shot looking up at the Tri-plane on the cover of Skydiving shortly after we did this jump.
  12. Was that intentional? Looks scary to me! Yes Sandy, it was intentional. With full gutter gear. B4 harnesses, 28' rounds and chest mount reserves. We did it around 1979. Here's another shot of the jump. And yes, it was scary, in a fun sort of way!
  13. Pat, I don't know if anyone did CRW before Bobby & Beanpole. But I know it was possible!
  14. The Corona program was a Top Secret satellite reconnaissance activity that returned film capsules from space. I don't think a classified program like that would have people walking around with patches advertising what they were doing. The Fulton Recovery System recovered people and small containers from the ground to an aircraft in flight. It did not use parachutes in it's normal mode of operation. Hence I don't think a parachute that carries things from the air to the ground would be prominently featured on any patch those operators had. Your drawing shows an entire missile. I assume this is a police drawing from some witness. Normal missiles drop the engines and fuel tanks, i.e. most of their body when their job is done. The FireBee was a small jet aircraft, launched from a mother ship, that stayed together throughout the entire flight envelope and came down horizontally under it's parachute as depicted in your drawing. Although not top secret at the time the FireBee was not widely known to the general public at the time and even fewer people knew about it's recovery method. A two dimensional side view drawing of a FireBee on a patch could look somewhat like a missile to non-aviation savvy witness. I think your best bet is to research the manufacturer and units that operated the FireBee reconnaissance drones.