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  1. Yea, now that reply , i can tell is total crap. while smoking a doob. maybe you should look for a pass the joint to me thread.
  2. Whom, and where? And are there photos.
  3. I'm guessing the license class B, stands for Bad. put your money where your mouth is. 100,000 cash. ill land it and you chicken out. before you ran your mouth should have taken a couple details into concideration. firstly, i cant afford the instrustion classes. i can jump in a winged suit without a license, but need an instructor whom will jump with but most importantly, just b cuz you cant or wont doesnt mean i cant. if i could afford the aviation feul i would b to busy setting an un-touchable world record. but i will need someone a bit better than a B class. (hence). the need for the thread and thee issueing challenge. if you dont like my thread then go post your jealous banter on another pls. thnx have great day. so challenge me if not this thread is to issue or except a wingedsiut chuteless landing. (on your feet) no water no boxes. me im not scared i have already done this. i have plenty of DZ's right here in SC....the problem i need a licensed instructor to jump with my, and im a little short on the 1200 dollars of gear i need thats why i posted this thread. yet only after 2 days of negative comments. everyone is still overlooking the thread topic.......its a challenge bro. you wanna help set a world record or not.....a simple yes or no....except or decline would have been fine. your the one that chose to start a pathetic arguement.
  4. It's guys like you that make me push my limits, but then i get thee honor of rubbing it in your faces. thnx for the motivational speech
  5. Wow, your not joking. they state it can take 6mths to 1 year jeez. apparently alot of peep r trying to set a record of somekind.
  6. wow, look who it is...didn't i take this pick of you, free falling while you skype or or video chatted with someone on your laptop. something about possibly oweing you a new laptop, kinda hazy...omg did i cause you to drop the laptop out of your hands then power dive to catch up to it......i cant remeber clearly but if i did srry bro.... accidents happen. aka Leonerd...again srry!...tell blondie that while free falling with you, i promised her that you would return alive...well promise kept....again srry...and thnx for the free jump,i got to accomp[lish at lest a couple of my worldly desires and it safer than fighting, an adult male lion at lest(statically provable) thnx for the memories guys! and you got 2 time slots by 2012 as predicted and promised. OMg!!! i totaly forgot about me playing the nipleboy super hero bit ...lolz i totally forgot that.....but zip lining into that apartment window was, 10,000 times more fun.
  7. well part of the illegal aspects was the took my landing confirmation from and disalloed it to be record when i finally got to my LZ area it was really cloudy. so multiple infractions accured the plane,unlicesned,jumping thru thick cumulis clouds(apparently dangerous and illegal). the weather was clear as glass when on th way to the airport. and i cursed out alot of cops. and thnx fpr clearing up alot of lies i was told, about the legalities of jumping, they obviously lied there butts off. but thnx for the info im looking futher into this as soon as i can ill post the only photos i have. tghee local authorities demanded all recording devices and thee deleting of any and all photos. but what they didnt see. was my friend took video on his cell phone and e-MAILed them. to mone of my yahoo accounts. it's only a 4mp cheap phone camera but its proof i was there along with several others that, in resent past denied any knowledge of my stunt. but just wait i have contacted guiness world records to set a date for my next landing may take 6 mnths to get a reply./......and i wont be landing on boxes wuss
  8. The LZ was just north west of san diego. the plane was taxied from there ffrom that terminal. pasadena is where the hotel was and where i ate dinner afterwards.
  9. you jacktard. your said clearly not older than 6-7 and stated also i do to many drugs ....lolz next time you call some one out on punctuation...pls write it as follows. -No ability,to form a proper sentence. -Doesn't know,what punctuation is. -Clearly, not older than 6-7 years of age(Hence the imagination) ....u need a period if words in (XXX) are at the end of your overly worded statements. -Plays too many video games. -Takes to many drugs.< and without proper evidence, this is also concidered, defimation of thnx 4 thee proof of that.....and this laptop has a 2.1ghz cpu on a 2.2ghz motherboard. It's impossible to play and 3D or overly cpu demanding fuctions of any kind thnx.
  10. His name was and still is LJ and on his first attempt no training just a winged suite landed on his feet, the trick is dont jump with your chute tempting...excess weight. so you have no choice but to land it. of coarse in china my flat land landings didnt go as exspected.
  11. i, could care less about proper spelling or correct grammer. The point is, issue a challenge. me you a plane a downhill landing area. and 2 winged suits, seeing that your sooooo intelligent a 3 step proccess should be very simple 4 u 2 remember. or corse to set a record you dont need to know any more than OMG!!!!! i coming in to fast ahhhhhhh. im the only man in the history of man kind that can say JUMP,FLY,LANDED!!!! tell jeb to kiss my rear webbing. i did while wearing a old rig that had a tear in the lower leg webbing pull your chute you lose when i land you have to give me all your gear and pay for my licesiing in full. no jokes and i just turned 37 in november thnx.
  12. landing must be minimum of 125 degrees to 135 dgrees downhill also hard flat surface not flat wavy ground. i knocked myself out 2 time attempting flay landing. swooping into the face of a large grassy hill works also but wind sheers can kill a great appraoch really fast so downhill landing on my feet no chute or no deal
  13. My Friends, sneaked me onto the plane, I, dont recall boasting about it,though it's mentioned in my thread.because it involves them to relieve them of any actions and imbarassment. they simply banned me from CA. Whats really stupid though is the fake amount of jumps you posted, typical american fake hero type. Either issue a challenge and get beat by a newbie. or ask your mommy, if it's ok, for you to have milk -n- cookies before dinner. I hate to think ,that i have so many yrs of professional liing. ahemm. experience and a three time boasting jumper could beat you. Issue a challenge bro, ill beat you just like i beat jeb. I posted factual truth , that is none of your buisness. it accured in 2007, my right of due proccess are,fully intact. the only ones ther are the only ones with proof.(you cant trumph constitional right of due proccess without proof) i took full blame for peeps that stuck there necks out 4 to stay with topic. Issue a challenge, or finish potty training. whatever. lookingh for peps that want to actual challenge me bro. not chat forum tuff guys. thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to point out, what i stated, yes, it was ilegal. yes, it's a public forum. i believe time frames were mentioned as well. sooo, i just risked my life for a record,got banned for life From CA. and i cant claim or confirm my landing with out my proper licesing. the landing im boasting about. what braggin rights have you earned.
  14. No, dont think so. Are you the paratrooper i jumped with on my practice run. i should be easy for you to remeber. I jumped no gear, no chute free falled with you for bout 1 min then cicled around you on your back to allow you to pull your chute then i bailed approx: 10 ft prior to landing trying to give you time to land without excessive wieght. alot of military peps look alike in unform. srry though if i forgot your name....bad with names good with faces.