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  1. That's what I was wondering, it takes me a minute to stow all my lines. Also 10 jumps is nothing. Put a few hundred on it and then write a review.
  2. If you're willing to pay a high fee and know someone you could probably get it within a few days. A few years ago I remember reading about a jumper who got a whole custom rig in very short time but it costs a lot more.
  3. So you went on a coach jump with 1 instructor and it went well right? Then you went on a 15 way and you had trouble flying?
  4. Unauthorized repair? It's his alti, if he wants to try repairing it he is free to do so!
  5. Just let your rigger know that your batteries are expiring. They will install new batteries during your next repack.
  6. You're better off healing up, more so if you're a new jumper who still has questionable landings. If you jump and "favor" your good leg, you're uping the chances of fucking up your good leg too. It's your life and your limbs though, do what you want.
  7. Which Neptune do you have? I believe you can get the software updated if it's a version 2 or 3. Not sure about older than that.
  8. Where are the stats you're reading? link
  9. Just rent a car. It's probably going to be way less of a pain than trying to find rides.
  10. Like everyone else said, E-bay is not the best place for someone to purchase gear. Even more so a bad place if you don't know what you're looking at!! Just for my own curiousty can you post the link to the ad?
  11. I had an AFF student pass out under canopy on his first jump. He was fine up until he turned onto his downwind leg. At that point he just stopped responding to all radio commands and ended up landing (crashing) downwind with no flare. Took about a minute to get to him and he was still lights out. He didn't remember any of the jump but did ask to go again that day. Obviously we did not let him!
  12. Go to a tunnel or go somewhere that it's warm.
  14. Ask one of your instructors or a rigger at your DZ. Learning to pack from just watching videos online is not a very good idea. If you have gone through a packing class and need a quick refresher a video may work.
  15. I am looking for 2 other people to fill a 4 way team for this. Preferrably people who are low key and looking to have fun. We can meet for a few "practice" sessions if wanted. Let me know!
  16. If it's too windy to jump what makes this a good idea? Also did you hook up the canopy backwards? Why?