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  1. I have heard enough about Tom although never met him. ( thought he was in Texas) to know he has a top notch reputation. Thank you glad to get this corrected. And the tiny lady Jen in Kansas. And Teb thank you for sharing your story. I needed to hear from someone who wasn't a stellar student and fly through everything perfectly the first time but kept with it and pursued their rating. I can relate to that with AFF and getting my A license at jump 69 taking 10 canopy courses to perfect my landing but never missing a weekend in between jumps. Thank you all again
  2. Thanks pchaman and Tom, It is Sigma rating. that I plan to pursue when I meet the last requirement, which is 29 more jumps. Although walking in the door with 501 jumps to me is a bit scary. I have went ahead and obtained my medical, coaches rating, am current Have 4 years in the sport and have my freefall time. I was hoping, and at the same time trying not to appear totally naive that there was a rental program like with sports rigs that would allow one to "try a tandem rig out". I can see with the mountain of legal issues (now) why that wouldn't be something so simple and easy to do.. Wish I was closer to Texas and your DZ Tom, I have strongly considered going to Kansas (i have family there, I can stay with while taking the course) and taking the amazing Jen Sharps course. Also living on the East coast and with the never predictable weather and the possibility i may need more than one trip to complete the course am considering Florida and Sky Dive Ratings course. THANK YOU GUYS appreciate the help.
  3. >> Mathrick you hit the nail on the head basically and simply with your answer to my question. Thank you for your reply. I was hoping it would be that simple .Learn to jump rig (without anyone in the harness) Jump rig without anyone in the harness.. Like it or not than decide to take course ... Before I committed to a course.
  4. SO I want to jump a tandem rig, I understand the handles are different, I understand i need to be briefed before i can do this and i understand tandem ratings cost a lot of money to get. So in order to save myself from making a error in finances, and i know it will be different with a passenger than without. I want to jump a tandem rig and will a dz allow this before I hit the 500 jump mark, or even after i hit 500 jumps ?? I am willing to pay for the extra time from a tandem instructor to do this. . I am 29 jumps away from my 500.
  5. Thank you for your reply, Doug .. Basically the need for secrecy is, it all boils down to fear of failure. Deep down, and I don't know if this comes off as egotistical or not is. I think I am good enough, I think I am strong enough, I think I am smart enough, and although not exactly young I don't think 43 years old is out of the realm of making this possible. BUT I have been packing those tandems, and I can't help but wonder Is this tougher than I think it is, and what if..maybe I am not good enough. I rather fail and find out at a far away place and never mention it to anyone at the dz than quit and fail in front of them. So I want to jump at least once with that rig on my back to feel it to experience it.. Somewhere anywhere but there and then go through with getting my rating for me . And Andy my avatar believe it or not is my twin not me so they will never know my true identity.
  6. Part of the 5 jump factory tandem rating is jumping the tandem rig solo.. What I am asking, is it possible to jump a tandem rig before the course. Just rent a rig at any DZ? I am not trying to make a big announcement about my attempts at a rating, I would prefer to go and do it in another state at a ratings school, and therefore I am asking anonymously through this very fine sight called DZ. COM for information, at what I could do before the course.
  7. I sure would hate to waste a good keg on my first tandem rig jump.. Perhaps a puppy or kitten in place of it.?
  8. I am nearing the 500 mark, and i have entertained the idea of attempting to get a tandem rating. . ( actually obsessed about it for 4 years since my first tandem) I am not a large female nor am I tiny, and have handled the tandem rigs some (packing them and hanging them on the shelf. They certainty are not light. > I would like to see if this is something even possible before I go and spend the money on a course. I have gotten my class 3 pilots physical, and trained and learned to pack a tandem rig How many jumps are required to just jump a tandem rig solo. Rent the gear and jump it without a passenger attached.
  9. The D-4 ad that was placed today is 100% a scam it is my ad my rig hell it is even my feet in the ad, Someone stole my ad and re-listed it as their own. Thank you for catching it!!!
  10. Brian Juddo, When you say all you got are crickets, are you talking about the tiny bugs, or is that slang for something else?
  11. I did not know until just now this was against pay pal policy, Having paid the fees as a buyer, I was going to ask that the fees be paid as a seller, You saved me a potential headache. Thank you for the information.
  12. Google does not have a listing for a alternative for the cr-2040 although they do have alternatives for every other battery ever made in history. Batteries direct does not have it listed. Maxell was the only one to ever make the battery as far as the research I have come up with. and it is not even listed on
  13. I am wanting to sell my dytter, I no longer use. However I do not want to sell it with out a fresh set of batteries. They seem to no longer make the cr 2040. I saw a post from 2008 about folding a small piece of aluminum foil and using 2 cr-2032. Is there any other solution then this?
  14. Your quote "I've often said that you can tell how a business feels about its customers by looking at the bathroom." Was right on target. It is the one thing you offer back to your customers without profit, but out of the thought I want a nice place to use the bathroom, so I care that you have a clean place to go as well.