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  1. Morrison79

    Cypres battery change Q's

    Just let your rigger know that your batteries are expiring. They will install new batteries during your next repack.
  2. Morrison79

    Friday freakout: what HC is this?
  3. Just rent a car. It's probably going to be way less of a pain than trying to find rides.
  4. Morrison79

    doing my AFF1 again

    Yes you need to go to the class!
  5. Morrison79

    Future AFF'ers

    Go to a tunnel or go somewhere that it's warm.
  6. Morrison79

    painting helmet
  7. Morrison79

    2011 NH Tunnel Meet - 4way FS

    I am looking for 2 other people to fill a 4 way team for this. Preferrably people who are low key and looking to have fun. We can meet for a few "practice" sessions if wanted. Let me know!
  8. Morrison79

    RW suit by Vertical Suits

    If you're going to buy a suit for belly jumping you should get it with booties and grippers. Why are you thinking about not getting them?
  9. Morrison79

    Logging tunnel time?

    I put mine into my logbook. In my first log book I used the last few pages just for tunnel time. Now I just write it in the next open page of my current log book.
  10. Morrison79

    Any advice on going to IFLY Hollywood?

    When I went there I just walked in and talked to them. Everyone was very friendly and they gave me a great rate, something like $10 a minute. Just tell them you are a skydiver and go from there.
  11. Morrison79

    L & B Solo - how to know it's on

    Is it supposed to have canopy alarms? Maybe it's only made for free fall alarms. I'm sure if you pulled at 3 it would beep at you. Don't try pulling at 2 to test it
  12. Morrison79

    Renting Gear

    It varies DZ to DZ how much they charge to rent a rig. At my home DZ it is $25 pr jump or $50 for the day. The problem when you rent is that you may have to share the gear with other people/students. So you may not have that gear for the entire day. You should atleast get your own basic gear. Helmet, alti, googles, jumpsuit, ect....
  13. Morrison79

    What size reserve?

    How much do you weigh? What is your container sized for?
  14. Morrison79

    relative proximity and deployment

    The best way is to stay in smaller groups and know you limits.