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  1. How do you sign up? No options on that page.
  2. Does anyone know of any rigger’s courses coming up? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the advice. I heard a rumor that they had gone out of business and not being able to find their website anymore made me believe it. I’ll try to reach them on Facebook.
  4. Well, now that Precision has gone out of business, does anyone know if someone will take over making new line sets for their canopies? Thanks
  5. My blow switch doesn’t interrupt my breathing at all and I have it mounted on the inside of my helmet, not on the outside. It would be helpful if the author actually had extensive experience with all types of switches.
  6. He probably pulled the "small one", which is called the drogue chute, while you weren't in a stable, belly to earth position. It's a minor accident that inexperienced tandem instructors sometimes make. Hundreds of jumps is relatively inexperienced. It sounds like he followed his training and went straight for the backup parachute. If he had deployed the main parachute, it could have gotten a lot more serious. Take the free jump and just enjoy it. The chances of anything like that happening again are extremely small.
  7. Man, I just got the Hero3+ Black. I haven't even got a chance to jump it yet. That SuperView is pretty awesome! Thanks for that example!
  8. My buddy, Chris, above. http://funjump.com/index.html
  9. The point is for $500 they could, at the very least, make the liner removable.
  10. The G3 is cheaply made and extremely over priced. $500 for a plastic helmet and you can't ever remove the liner. That will make for one stinky helmet. Go for the Revolve. It's way more form fitting and comfortable.
  11. The bottom GoPro is preferred for video, because there's less shaking.
  12. I've seen plenty of "adults" show up drunk, stoned or otherwise unfit to go on a tandem skydive. 16 year olds, occompanied by their parents are a lot less likely to be under the influence of anything. But, this is a discussion for another thread.
  13. Try the psycho-pack method. I hear it's the best for slowing down the openings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYb6R8CNqDQ
  14. IMHO, Precision makes the best RDSs. I have them on three of my rigs for going on five years now. Quick to release and quick to reattach. Of course, the d-bad/pc lanyard doesn't have to be used.