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  1. guppykf

    Eloy Fun

  2. guppykf

    45 and just got my A licence

  3. guppykf

    Kentucky Skydiving Center?

    They are, but they changed their name Skydive Kentucky and moved to Elizabethtown, KY...they currently have a 206 for the summer and a 182 all the time. They are open Wed-Friday 2pm-dark and Saturday and Sunday all day. I frequent there fairly often since I got off student status. I go up to Start in Middletown, OH for turbines on the 2nd weekend of each month as well. That is only a couple hours from Lexington. 2 Caravans, of course a 182 and they have a King Air coming in in the next week or so. Also, the home of Fastrax! GREAT DZ!! Can get on loads superfast There is also a new DZ opening on May 1st near springfield Kentucky; closer to Lexington area. I am not sure of the aircraft the new DZ will have but it is geared only for UP jumpers and the word is no tandems. Hope you enjoy Kentucky and hopefully we will get the opportunity to jump together. Take care!!
  4. guppykf

    Goshen Indiana

    Elkhart county or Scott County?
  5. guppykf

    Vector new options

    Is it magnets? Maybe a newbie question, but trying to figure out how they are able to close a canopy without stows.
  6. guppykf

    back after a couple of years

    Even if you received your license it is best to get to your local DZ and get with an instructor to get recertified/retrained like you are fresh off of Whuffo status. Can never be too safe and a lot changes in our sport. An instructor should be the best to teach you what you may have forgotten or haven't learned and will be more than happy to jump with you to get your "air" legs back. A couple coach jumps should get you back in the game.
  7. guppykf