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  1. So in reading this entire thread I am still confused. Is it that Skyride pulled out of Waverly with all Skyride's equipment, computers and plane or did AST separate itself from Skyride and take all their equipment? Basically, who owned the equipment Skyride or AST? There appears to be a "new dropzone" opening up in Waverly called Music City Skydiving and they are building up their inventory of equipment etc. I think (again I dont know for sure) that some of the up jumpers there have taken upon themselves to keep an active dropzone open at that location and are working hard to get equipment in order to open their doors. So I tend to lean against the conspiracy theory of "skyride" just changed names. It appears that one DZO left and new and hopefully more reputable reputation is gained at this "new DZ". Well that's what I hope anyways because I just recently jumped there and really thought the people were super and appeared to me to be in it for the joy of the sport. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  2. Yes and I love mine! It is stationary, so no angle adjustments. I haven't experienced it "shaking". Its been solid video, but I am a belly flyer, so I have not taking it on high speed jumps. You kinda look like a dork, cause it isn't the "cool" place to place a camera, but the safety factor of the cutaway and less of a snag hazard in my opinion is totally worth it. With the mount being on the chin I think the likelihood of having to cutaway is greatly reduced versus the top of the head; however, if a cutaway is necessary I like the peace of mind that I can get rid of that $400 camera with mount versus sacrificing my life. Now note that you cannot use the housing with the mount, so you don't want to use it in potential misty or wet conditions and I highly recommend you get the additional GO PRO protective lens in case you skid in a landing. they are $20 for two of them and better to scratch that than your actual lens. I have been told if I was in serious 4 way that it would get kicked, but I'm not and if someone is that close to my face we have bigger issues to tend to. Yes when you are mounting it for the first time you will have choice words, it is a pain! I have a G2 and the short stow bands that they provided and say they've tested the G2 with I couldn't physically get it on. I even placed my foot in the helmet and pulled with all my might and I could not get the short stow bands on. I think because the spacing between the vents is larger on the G2 than the G3, so I used the standard stow bands instead and it is still pretty tight. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  3. that's what I did and it didnt appear to be right. If there isnt a chart anywhere of the packing volume for the ZPX; how does one know if it will be too loose in their container? THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  4. I guess that's why I'm confused. normal pilot 188 = 440 x.17 to change to zpx (74.8) = 365.2 cu. in normal pilot 168 (non zpx) = 416 cu. in. So does that mean that the 188 zpx actually packs smaller than the 168 zp? If that logic applies than the 168 zpx would pack smaller than a pilot 117..that just doesn't sound correct. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  5. I have two questions: 1. What is the pack volume differential between the Pilot 188 zpx versus the Pilot 168 -non zpx. Yes, I've checked aerodyne's website and they dont have the zpx pack volumes on their site. 2. When you purchase a used main does it typically include the risers or simply the canopy with slider? I am under the impression the pilot chute isn't included as well..right? THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  6. Jen and i met via after our knees decided they needed some tuning up. Although I never met her in person we became friends via FB and She was always so encouraging and a bright light. She had a beautiful spirit and was always building something interesting and new. Her choice in brews was impeccable! So its only fitting to have a toast in her honor! Blue Skies my friend!! THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  7. I had ACL surgery last May. I had torn my ACL & strained my MCL. I went with my pateller tendon to replace the ACL withr. The surgery itself went fine; I was doped up pretty good when I awoke, so the first 24 hours were a breeze. HINT dont put your toe on the floor because you have no control over it while you are still numbed up. I almost bit it but thankfully my better half caught me. That first 24 hours every couple hours my better half refreshed my cryo cuff with new ice and I kept my leg elevated. It was a little tough to sleep since I normally dont sleep on my back, but doable. They gave me some pretty stiff pain killers and I am not one to take even aspirin very often so it made me feel very ill, so I stopped taking them and stuck to "Aleve" type products only. It was tough but manageable. The area itched a good deal as well. Once i got feeling back it was really weird placing my foot on the ground, but again I'm a little stubborn and don't like to be down too long so I only used the crutches 2 days. My doc told me as soon as I could put weight on it do so, because atrophy sets in quick. Even though I was only on crutches 2 days I lost over 6 centimeters of muscle from my quad. He was not a proponent of knee braces either. As soon as I took the full brace off after the numbing meds wore off he did not want me in a brace at all. His theory is that actually makes it weaker and takes longer to heal. (NOTE: he is the chief Ortho Surgeon for the Tennessee Titans and head of Orthopedics for Vandervilt University and Hospital) I started PT the day after surgery. it started off real light and I did it twice a week with a PT and I worked it out every day at home with at home exercises. You are your own PT to an extent; they were taking it gingerly on me and I told the doc I could do more so we ramped it up a little more each week. When I first started the PT sessions were like 30 minutes about 2 months into it they were running almost an 1.5 hours long and my butt was kicked!!! I was back to light jogging in 4 months (he said typically 6 months was normal, but I am a runner prior to injury). I wasnt going fast by any means it was slow and steady. I was back to 5k status within the year. Now in regards to jumping I started that back after 7 months, but I got a Donjoy brace only for jumping purposes (against my docs advise). I only wore it for those jumps but it was a comfort level. I stopped wearing the brace for jumping at the 11 month mark. My leg was feeling really strong and the first jump i did was a 10 MPH wind day, so it was a confidence builder type hop n pop. It was scary, I wont lie, but no issues. the toughest part for me was rebuilding the quad. I am now 14 months post surgery and my quad is still smaller than the other when prior to surgery it was the larger one. However, it is quite strong. Another thing that is kind of wild is you knee cap kind of disappears. I just noticed that it came back only recently, i dont know when, it just did. The swelling around it made it disappear. The other thing that's weird is the numbness due to severing some of the nerves in your knee to open it up. At first it hurt to sit on knee on a plane, but now it just uncomfortable but manageable. it just plainly feels weird. Not sure if I will ever get used to that. I know this is a long post but hopefully this gives you some incite as what to expect. In summary, recovery will only be as fast as the intensity that you are engaged in the process. It will not strengthen itself without hard work and sweat. Yes, it will hurt at times. If you use a brace, i believe as my doc believes, it will lengthen the healing process (unless of course you have meniscal damage, then a brace is absolutely essential). Yes it will swell after physical activity, but if you elevate and ice the swelling will go down and feel less tight. It used to swell a lot, but it is only after a really hard work out now that it does. Now in regards to the scar, mines pretty noticeable and I tried Mederma and dont think it did much. I think timeline is around a year to get back to normalcy, but in my opinion I am a little over a year into this and I think it still needs more work, but its definately not affecting what I do. The one thing this does make you realize is how important each of your parts are and heightens your awareness of how it operates / feels. I'm doing a 5k mud run this weekend with 40 obstacles. Depending on how I feel I may skip a couple obstacles, but its much better than sitting on the couch watching life pass us by. GOOD LUCK!! Hope things go well for you! I hope this post gives you a little insight of what you could expect, but we all know each of us are different. Again GOOD LUCK AND SPEEDY RECOVERY!! THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  8. I was trying to generalize in the attemp to try to keep a more nice format. I understand places get busy, but that doesn't make it acceptable to be unresponsive. I dont think its asking much for a simple response. You dont have to be special to get a blanket response do you? To the car analogy I do understand what you are saying. However, the attributes this press release provides would fix the issues I have with my current G2 helmet. I've been looking for a helmet that has venting in order to reduce the fogging issue and the locations where these vents are fit the bill and the other factor is for the go pro. They state they have a lower profile mount that is smooth similar to the one chutingstar has (less snag points) and this will have a cutaway system which everyone agrees is the safest option if you wear any camera small or big. As far as I know there isnt any other currently in the market that addresses those issues. I could be wrong though, so if I am I'm sure someone will make sure I know it on this forum. I may be in agreement with you I get the impression is they are the type company that doesn't respond until there's something to respond to. I dont think I was being pushy, by only sending emails every couple weeks. A simple "hey received your email. We are still working on some of the pricing matrix or tweaking the design, we hope to have it resolved in x amount of time." Doesnt have to be too indepth just something to let you know they care. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  9. Looking for advice of my options. Situation is there is a gear manufacturer that had a display during Safety Day of an upcoming product. I spoke to the rep and stated that I was highly interested in this product. He said it would be available for purchase during PIA and the first several hundred would get a significant discount. I show up to PIA, product wasnt ready for release, no worries just let me know when it is available, but he told me he would send me photos of the options etc in the meantime; I never received. In early April I see a FB posting of its release, again reiterating first several hundred will receive a significant discount, so I email the company and get an automated reply stating they will respond as quickly as possible; this was on April 2nd. Then another FB message came out saying they were available for purchase; however, nothing addressed the costs for the options, so I sent an email telling them the sizing I needed and the options I wanted and requested pricing accordingly. I have thus sent an email regarding this every two weeks since and still have not heard back anything back. Is that typical for a skydiving equip manufacturer not to respond in over 5 weeks? I just want to know costs so I can order their item! This is a small industry, so I dont want to piss in anyone's Wheaties and I know I'm not a world renowned skydiver or anything, but believe its super unprofessional for a company not to respond in 5 weeks, but I dont know what other option I have then sit here and wait. . I really think the product is what I've been looking for in regards to quality and safety, much better than my current equipment. Any ideas how I can get a response without pissing someone off without waiting a year for a response? I know everyone can't be like L&B, but come on there's got to be something that can be done. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  10. you probably seen this one as well, but its a video I can watch over and over again. You gotta watch the interview and then watch the song...too flipping funny! Disclaimer: Extreme Profanity Interview: Song: Your one can take that away from you!! SMASH, SMASH, SMASH!!! THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  11. I have a Bev suit with 200 jumps on it and just recently started working on Mantis myself. I know the suit was a little tight on my forearm etc when I was flying boxman, but didnt know how tight until I switch to Mantis. I just busted out one of my booties and ripped the heck out of a seam under my arms. I know I'm strong but I felt like the Hulk In the mantis position it felt like my neck was going to rip off due the seam across the neck. I will be in the market for a new suit during PIA. BTW I actually have lost weight since the suit purchase. The point of this post is when you get measured pay particular attention that you have enough room to fly in a deep arched position. Also I have the majik cordura bootie and I havent noticed them being different than a typical bootie. I also have competition grips and the grips inside the leg are super large, which would be great for competition but for the every day jumper it sucks to walk around the DZ with these big grips between your legs. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  12. I second that emotion...Gold Coast is an awesome DZ! THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  13. In case anyone pulls this thread. FYI I highly do NOT recommend Cheryl Albers room rental. The home is close to the DZ..walking distance, but it is not clean at all. Below even Super 8 standards if you know what I mean. In my opinion, I wouldn't trust leaving my stuff there during the day when I wasn't there either. Rent this place at your own risk. THRIVING IN MY DASH!!
  14. Thanks everyone! Looks like the Tunnel is still down; they hope to have it back up tomorrow night..fingers crossed. In regards to a ride, the Shuttle (Deland Express) was $85 for 1 way and a little cheaper if you roundtrip it, but as Morrison stated I looked at renting a car and found a midsize car with taxes included was only $18 a day, so I am going that route. Thanks again! THRIVING IN MY DASH!!