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  1. phreeloader


    i'm no TI, just a student ... but i would go with a standard 20% if he does a great job & makes it memorable. Don't forget the camera guy too
  2. phreeloader

    Orlando tunnel

    i used the ORL tunnel during my AFF and found it useful, however I did have to work a bit and really push my shoulders forward in order to get lift At the time I thought the same thing as you. However after i got in the sky & bought a N3A to log data from my jumps I found out my average Freefall speed is 140-150 MPH ... so the problem wasn't the tunnel, the problem was me being short and hefty, So then I started incorporating the same body position i used in the tunnel to slow my freefall speed. from talking to other jumpers that travel a lot Orlando is a decent tunnel, but it's not the best. If you want a fast tunnel with lots of room head up to Paraclete. I've heard good things about colorado too
  3. phreeloader

    Rodeo with 2 passengers - possible?

    Ohhh i've seen a video... on he was backflying... and on the ground