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  1. I thought i had heard Freefall Express closed... which made me a little sad, that was where i made my 1st two IAD jumps 15 years or so ago
  2. if most tunnels are like ifly here in orlando they won't let you get near it if you tell you you've had a previous shoulder dislocations, at least that's what i've been told... and they have the signs to back it up
  3. Ok it's not MY event, but I haven't seen it posted yet so I figured I would .. So Who's going? I would love to meet some of the folks in person
  4. Yep N3 Audio by Alti-2 ... the whole reason i bought mine was for the countdown feature... Like you, I'm still teaching my eyes & rely heavily on my altimeter... I'm also still struggling to get a good feel for time while in freefall, so I would be practicing tracking in a delta position. And with my altimeter behind my back I was tracking for a few seconds, then checking my altimeter.. wash-rinse-repeat ... with my N3A I get a verbal countdown in my ear the whole time 12, 11, 10, 9 8 etc... it took a lot of the stress out of wondering how high i was and allowed me to focus on trying to track flat and straight. As well as helping me to train my eyes in the process since I was getting a reading every thousand feet. I love it
  5. if you don't mind wearing earbuds, the N3A is pretty sweet. You get 3 Freefall Alerts & 3 Canopy Alerts... Plus a countdown telling you your altitude every 1000 feet. It a got a log as well. I REALLY like mine! Now with all of that said, take a look at my jump #s and decide for yourself how much my opinion is worth
  6. I guess my thought process was that by trying to get my hands on silver faster next time it would distract me from subconsiously waiting to see if the skyhook was gonna do it's thing ... i mean i know NOT to do that... just want to keep the front of my mind from letting the back of my mind take over in a stressfull situation
  7. i took a FJC back in 1999 at a small Cessna dropzone in Missouri and was put in a hanging harness and was taught "look-look-right-left" using both hands to cut away, then both to pull silver ... It was uncomfortable but was nice to get a feel for what was coming, and get a feel for where my toggles would be. I only got 2 jumps (instructor deployed from 4k) before i ran out of time & money Found some time and money this year and started AFF at a large turbine DZ in FL and was honestly surprised we didn't do a hanging harness as part of the FJC On jump #18 I found myself under a canopy that insisted on turning right on opening (not violently, i could correct by pulling left toggle)... Looked up to see my right control line over the 1st 2 cells of my canopy... despite my best efforts to fix it, it wouldn't budge. So I cut away and was under my reserve at 4k The reason i bring up my cut away is that since it had been 14 years since i had been in the hanging harness I had forgotten how much force it took to pull the cut away, not that it was difficult, but it wasn't effortless so I was glad i was taught to use both hands however because i used both hands, and because my rental rig was equipped with a skyhook,I was already under my reserve by the time I got my hands on silver... not that it took long to get my hands on silver, I had my eyes on it before I ever pulled my cut away, the skyhook was just that fast. ... but it does make me want to challenge myself to be faster if i find myself in that position in the future
  8. i'm no TI, just a student ... but i would go with a standard 20% if he does a great job & makes it memorable. Don't forget the camera guy too
  9. sounds like he's planning on surgery anyway, so even if the landing is biffed and he destroys it he's in the same boat!
  10. I don't see it. I know folks who freesfly well, but don't swoop. I know folks who swoop but don't free fly, and then i know some that do both. With that said, most of the serious swoopers I've met don't seem to spend a ton of time doing much freeflying or on their belly. Granted my jump number is laughable at best, but I've never been on a load where Curt Bartholomew went any higher than 5k
  11. Alexander Polli was suppose to do a wingsuit demo today over St.Louis but it looks like it's been put on hold.. Makes me wonder if "security" is just an excuse
  12. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry to downsize. I did assume that I would go back to a smaller canopy, just because I know if I had shown up for AFF weighing in at 175, I know i would have started out on something smaller than a nav 260 Like I said, I am interested everyone's opinion.... and it's sounding like i need to stick with the same canopy even after dropping 50lbs
  13. Great question! i've been wondering the same thing. I'm still in the process of getting my "A", but due to a motorcycle accident i just had to have my ALC reconstructed so i'm grounded for 6 months or so. I decided that i needed to lose some weight myself to take some of the strain off of my recovering knee ... My last skydive i was 225lbs and jumping a 260, I'm already down to 205lbs now, and am hoping to be in the neighborhood of 175lbs or so by the time i'm able to get in the sky again so i'm assuming that i'll be looking at a significantly smaller canopy when i go back, so i'm interested to see what the DZ hivemind has to say
  14. i used the ORL tunnel during my AFF and found it useful, however I did have to work a bit and really push my shoulders forward in order to get lift At the time I thought the same thing as you. However after i got in the sky & bought a N3A to log data from my jumps I found out my average Freefall speed is 140-150 MPH ... so the problem wasn't the tunnel, the problem was me being short and hefty, So then I started incorporating the same body position i used in the tunnel to slow my freefall speed. from talking to other jumpers that travel a lot Orlando is a decent tunnel, but it's not the best. If you want a fast tunnel with lots of room head up to Paraclete. I've heard good things about colorado too