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  1. Newtroopics/ampakines!!... not only can they increase focus & reduce anxiety(aniracetam), several are known to reduce the effects of hypoxia(piracetam), increase stamina & improved tolerance to cold weather (phenylpiracetam), some are even neuroprotective so it might help save your brain!(noopept)
  2. Wasn't jester doing something similar when he got hurt a few months back?
  3. I thought i had heard Freefall Express closed... which made me a little sad, that was where i made my 1st two IAD jumps 15 years or so ago
  4. Sony MDR-A30G.. I bought mine in 1996 or so to use with my discman .. still going strong.. still sound great... not to discman.. it died sometime in 1997
  5. it's a two seater.. I sat in it when it was in daytona earlier this year. Passenger sits behind the driver. Really neat little car, i don't have enough faith for plop down a non-refundable $1000 to reserve one.. but if they make it to production at that price i'll be quick to pick one up for my commute to work
  6. if most tunnels are like ifly here in orlando they won't let you get near it if you tell you you've had a previous shoulder dislocations, at least that's what i've been told... and they have the signs to back it up
  7. phreeloader


    I did... Mostly because my wife is a big genealogy nerd. At the time we did it they were still giving out all sort of fun health info, but if i understand correctly they're not doing that currently because they got into a pissing match with the FDA. With the health info it was worth the $100 to me... especially since it also included a tool that let you see what traits your kids would inherit if you they had both people on file... My kids won't inherit my lactose intolerance in case you were concerned without the health info i don't know that it would be worth it to me.. my wife however was thrilled with the ancestry data, and we met a great aunt i didn't know i had... so if you're into that sort of thing it might be worth it to you
  8. Watching him trying to run that fast while wearing a wingsuit would be awesome!
  9. ♫♫ I want a deep fried turkey!♫♫
  10. is who i used... this was my full breakout of the european portion of my ancestry
  11. That is funny! 14% is pretty substantial.. when i did mine i while back, mine was significantly less
  12. Ok it's not MY event, but I haven't seen it posted yet so I figured I would .. So Who's going? I would love to meet some of the folks in person
  13. here they are