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  1. Wow, lots of good info guys thank you for letting me know. My ground school is scheduled for the end of the month :) im pretty excited and nervous at the same time
  2. Hello, Im curious if anyone paid for a packing class during their training before? I have two dropzone to choose from that are equal distance to me. One is a club that only operates on the weekend and has kind of a bnad rep for accidents. the other is a business that operates all wk, but charges for a packing class (2hrs for $75) and makes everyone go to 20 min tunnel training in another state. Anyone hear of a training program like this?
  3. Hello everyone, I live in CT and have done two tandom jumps before and I am looking into getting my A license. Anyone from the CT area?
  4. thanks for the advice everyone! One thing that I am getting mized answers on are the amount of time you have to do a recurrency jump to maintain your A license. I've been told 30, 60 and 90 days. Which is the correct answer? Also, how does that effect new england residents? I have never jumped in the colder months but I'd imagine its not fun.
  5. Hello, I am somewhat new to sky diving. I have done two tandem jumps with funskydiving in danielson, ct. I would like to progress and earn my A license but cannot decide on the danielson dropzone or the ct parachutist in Ellington, ct. Both offer the class around the same price and both are equal distances from my home. What are some other things to look for in decided which one to use? Thank you