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  1. Same kind of question, but than under the canopy. I'm still quite untrusty under the chute, but this is mainly because I don't know how much it can take. It's a student rig, so a big one, but my turns are really slow as I don't know how much it can take (and simply because these are my first jumps). I see people coming down in spirals, of course I'm not going to do this (well at least not till I have my own parachute), but can I do more drastic turns? And can a chute collapse under such maneuvers? Or can it take quite a lot? What are the factors? Thanks!
  2. I even arched so hard last time my back hurt when I was back on the ground, or this was perhaps due to some very weird position. Instructors said that they could release me at level 2 as I was in a better position than in level 3... But we'll see. I don't really 'care' about failing (although it was a huge bummer at that time), I will get it eventually, but the main problem is money. I'm still a student and can't invest that much money into it... Thanks for every response, I'll keep them in mind and will let you know.
  3. What is the correct angle? 60 degrees? On this site I found in the Skydiving Handbook that it should be 45 degrees, but the images clearly shows his legs aren't at this angle but more at the 60 degrees position. Also some say your feet should be at shoulder width, again at this site it says it should be at elbow width. Found here:
  4. Thanks for all your responses, I'll keep them in mind next time I jump. But what is the main problem if the instructors release me and I spin to the right? My right leg is further down than my left?
  5. Ok thanks, I'll try and do these. I honestly thought I would go through the levels with ease, but I clearly underestimated it and am quite disappointed, even thought about quiting yesterday... Is it actually a problem I suffer so tremendously at this level of remaining stable for later levels? I guess most people go through them with ease...
  6. Hi all Currently stuck on level 3. When both instructors release, I tend to turn quite violently to one direction because my legs are not the way they're supposed to be. Whenever on the ground I perform the arching position, it's all good, in the air it's not... Any tips on how I can improve by practicing at home? Tunnel time is not an option as it is not available in the near vicinity of where I live. Thanks!
  7. Hi all I'm 25 at the moment and never really thought about going skydiving or had any particular interest in it whatsoever. But lately I started thinking about it because I want to experience something new. I started watching youtube videos and reading stuff about the sport and I became more and more interested and excited. So I decided to take an AFF 1 course to see if my expectations live up to what I'm imagining it would be. I do believe this would be a great hobby for me, but I'm wondering, since I never had any particular interest in skydiving and it all came so suddenly, if anyone else has gotten into this sport this way too? And more importantly, is still in it? Thanks!