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  1. she removed the ad very quickly. before i paid even. never got a chance to copy it.
  2. and how do you know that the seller did not misrepresent the gear unless you have seen the emails? have you?
  3. i was suckered and taken advantage of unfortunately, that is definitely a lack of class
  4. no, i thought if it didn't fit i could send it back to her. you know? i thought she was a skydiver with a little but of class.
  5. vector II 1996? seller wasn't sure either. pd170 main 178 reserve. $2000
  6. she said that she was unsure of the harness size, but that it fit her and her husband. so when she didn't specify a harness size i thought i would need to try it on and see if it worked.
  7. alright, thanks for your help. this ladies husband just bought her a brand new rig also so i guess we'll see how karma works out for this greedy old lady
  8. she had stated that her husband was 6' and about 200 pounds which is bigger than me so i don't know why she would say her husband wore it if it didn't fit him properly. doesn't it make sense to try on the rig when i get it and return it if it doesn't fit? i don't understand why she just doesn't just take it back. i told her that i would cover all of the shipping fees. i just feel like she was really trying hard to get rid of it and the sizing information wasn't correct. also when one is spending thousands of dollars on gear shouldn't the seller be respectful to the fact that it just doesn't fit. there is someone else that can use this rig, its just not me
  9. lok, but the harness does NOT fit. she said it would fit a six footer and it obviously doesn't so now i would like my money back. isn't that fair? i mean, its a lot of money which I'm sure everyone on here is aware of
  10. Sorry its my phone it does that sometimes. anyways most of the damage is cosmetic. some torn fabric, flaps that are bent out of shape, but the two things that really bothered me was that the entire container wreaks of cigarette smoke and has been soaked with the smell which i hate and the d bag looks like it was damaged and patched. but the main and biggest problem is that the container does not fit. the lady who sold it said that her and her husband had both jumped the rig and that he was 6' similar build to myself. so that's what i was expecting to receive, but the largest size person that is made for is 5'8" maybe 5'9" most definitely not a six footer. so that is my dilemma. she also said it was inspected by multiple master and senior riggers.
  11. browsing The Classifieds On Dz.Com. Find A Rig That Looks Suitable To Be My very First. Ask Lots Of Questions. Get Lots Of Answers. Seller ShipS The Product And Upon Delivery I see That The Size Is Clearly Different Than What Was Discussed. Also There Was Additional Damage That Was Not mentioned InThe Ad. I Contacted The Seller About These Issues And Was Told That A Return Would Not Be Accepted, Which Was Also never Mentioned In The Ad. I Was Given Information That I Believe To Be Inaccurate Therefore Leaving Me With A Rig That Serves No purpose To Me And A seller That Refuses To Refund My Hard Earned Money. I Don't Know What To Do And I've Been Saving My Money For A Long Time And This Is Absolutely Devastating To My Investment. Somebody Please Help Me. What Should I Do?