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  1. rrmtopo

    New Project, Cutaway For A G3

    Why not have a flush (on the outside) pin with a hole that you could run a loop through that could attach to the chin strap through a grommet like how the loop captures the #3 ring on your riser? Cutaway cable would work just like your rig cutaway, and reduce the complexity of your system (keep it simple, and snag free).
  2. d Don't know the why obviously, but Spaceland is a great DZ for training. Large facility, large landing area, all turbine aircraft, new student gear & great instructors.
  3. rrmtopo


    Back to skydiving after a 20 year layoff and getting my gear back together. I reviewed the jumpsuits available & talked to different jumpsuit owners at the DZ and Michigan Suits was at the top. I called to ask a question about the suit and Mike answered the phone, after giving him some background he was dialed in on what I was looking for and spent as much time as I needed getting up to speed with current jumpsuit design. I'm an Aerospace Engineer so I can be a "little" details orientated, Mike's ability to express his expertise in jumpsuit design made buying the Tetris a home run. The suit arrived on time and way above my expectations. Fit is perfect, and after one shakeout jump (my first with booties) I flew it for a smooth #5 dock on an SCR dive. Awesome suit Mike, thank you!
  4. rrmtopo

    Raeford 1984

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    First Rig

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    Where it started

  8. rrmtopo

    Ted, Jen & me - 1985