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  1. Hey Billy are those other 2 cutaways from wrapping someone doing CRW? I had my first cutaway on jump 300 and it was wrapping someone doing a CRW jump. Always funny to say that the first cutaway is out of the way but it was not due to an opening malfunction. Guess I still have that to look forward to.
  2. This is my first year going to nationals and as you can probably imagine arranging travel and schedules for 5 team members living in 4 different states is no easy task. We have already arranged housing reservations and are working on travel plans now, when can we expect a decision to be made on this? Can we trust that the dates will not change after a certain date? We have been doing a lot of training and are very excited to compete at nationals but this changing of dates could really mess things up. Who has the final say in this date change and can we hear from them? Hope something can be decided soon. Todd
  3. I am by no mean a CRW expert but then again you are getting advice on the internet so I guess it doesn't matter. When taking a stairstep dock the lower canopy will lose lift or increase drag on the side that the dock is being taken. The other side of the canopy is still in full flight and now the other side will act as a pivot since it has increased drag. The way to combat this pivot or spin is to apply some front riser on the side of the canopy that is not docked. This will also act as a safety measure if things go wrong and the dock is lost. If you keep the pressure on the riser and lose the dock then the lower canopy will fly away from the formation instead of into it creating problems. Hope this helps
  4. One misconception of a CRW camp is that you are going to use your own canopy. Part of the class that takes place before any jumps are made is going over CRW equipment, why it is different from other canopies,how to pack it and also comparable wingloadings. When looking to take a CRW camp you should be prepared and feel comfortable at a 1.3 to 1.4 wingloading. Some CRW coaches may make those wingloadings lighter depending on the class but this is the wingloading that is the goal. Something else to keep in mind is that this is not a canopy control class. CRW camps are not teaching how to fly a pattern, learning a two stage flare or how all the controls work for your canopy. That knowledge should already be in place before taking a CRW camp. The CRW camp will take place from exit of the plane until about 2500 feet, below 2500 feet you are on your own so that is why you need to have knowledge of canopy flight before taking a CRW class. So this knowledge will come to different jumpers at different jump numbers and makes it tough to say you need X number of jumps. If this fits where you think you are at then by all means go to this course and have a blast. I was in Sebastian a few weeks ago for a big way camp and Brian is a tremendous coach! His has years of knowledge and you will wish you had more time to jump with him and learn what he has to pass along. Hope this helps
  5. I would like to ride one out of a CASA!
  6. There is a beginner CRW camp at Skydive Carolina April 30 through May 2. This will give you the foundation that you need to safely approach the CRW discipline along with teach you exercises to get better. PM me and I can get you in touch with the instructor. Todd
  7. FreeFlyer2100


    Each season follows the same pattern, it takes about 6 episodes before it really draws you in and gets exciting. After the 6th episode I get so engulfed in the plot that I fly through the second half of the season and love it. When you start the next season it is tough to remember that it takes awhile to build that excitement again. Season 4 and 5 are very exciting so I would not pass on the chance to watch them.
  8. Damn, you are as bad as my ex. If you only run your dishwasher once a week think about the stains that will be left and the smell everytime you open the dishwasher. It only takes a few minutes to rinse off the plates then put them in the dishwasher.
  9. You can start by wearing less baggy clothing. You know what, just come out to the east coast and we will keep taking off a layer until you can fall underneath us.
  10. So I may sound like a moron but I will risk that, when does the race begin? Lots of information on that website but no mention of race dates, WTF???
  11. The beer drinker's way of understanding the healthcare debate
  12. This is just the techy way of fighting just like the people who think only Harley's are worth riding. Just another cult following, doesn't mean you have to jump on the bad wagon to enjoy the product.
  13. Since bowling seems to be the place that we send people who can't skydive worth a damn maybe we can help with this question of inequality of the sexes. Why are there mens and womens bowling leagues? I have seen little kids bowl a strike just the same as an adult. Men don't seem to have any advantage over women when it comes to bowling so why are there two separate leagues?
  14. If the object of the jump was to stay facing into the relative wind then it sounds as if you almost nailed the exit. Did you ask your instructor why it was important? "flipping exits" what are you riding dolphins, did you bring your swimtrunks and your flippy floppies? I can hear the music in my head, can anyone else?
  15. The only math he should be doing is adding the beds together, subtracting the clothes, dividing the legs and then multiply. Any more complex than that and you are going on the internet wondering what went wrong.
  16. I guess I will go against everyone else here and say stay away from the Gold's set up. I bought a home gym last year and then went to Walmart to get the Golds dumbbells and curl bar. I thought that the Gold's name would mean better quality but I was wrong. They are made of very cheap metal and do not feel sturdy. That was just a curl bar and dumbbells, what do you think a set up like this will be like? I would make sure that you test it out in the store and see how it feels. I am not sure about the other one for sale but I would not want to spend this kind of money for poor quality. Good luck
  17. I have been to the Emerald Coast Skydiving site but didn't see any information about the boogie or the festival. I thought it was around Memorial day, does anyone know?
  18. This jump was done with 2 Lightning 143s with retractable PCs and kill cones. The top docker who steered the stack into the pattern would be considered very CRW qualified numerous big ways, national medal winner in CRW, and part of the 100 way record. I appreciate everyone copying and pasting the regs from the SIM which leads to this question: Is there another reg in the SIM that gets broken more than this one? I ask because I have been to many drop zones and seen stacks flown into the pattern and break apart before landing many many times.
  19. This was my third attempt to do a downplane and it actually worked!! Did a hop and pop out of the cessna at 5K had the stack by 4K, started the downplane at 3500 and took it down to about 2200! At about 1800 I pinned Damien again and he flew the stack into the pattern and broke apart at about 75 feet to a stand up landing. Hopefully this will be the first of many many downplanes and other parabatics. Thanks again Damien!!
  20. It is even more fun to knock them into a fountain. Nothing says happy holidays like watching all that water go flying
  21. I know your puppy is only a few weeks old but do you know if the breed is a Belgian Malinois?
  22. Go to the "bulldog" coffee shop or maybe even the "grasshopper" The bulldog has a Burger King right next to it with some trippy TVs upstairs. Of course after you go to a coffee shop for lunch take one of the boat tours through the canals, great time!! Have fun
  23. If they had given you a can of whip cream would you have given us the same type of picture? If so, then I am on the way to the post office now
  24. Is it just me but look how twisted that brake line is. I know we are only looking at one picture but does anyone else think it looks as twisted and made the line that much shorter??
  25. What really helped me and made my packing much cleaner was learning how to BASE pack. There are a few things that are different but Tom Aiello has three rules that work for any type of pack job. Keep the lines tight, keep the lines in the middle and material on the outside, and keep it symetrical. Watching him pack a BASE rig he goes in detail about why these three things are important and helped to slow me down on my packing and understand why I was doing certain things and how it should look in the end. You are going to see A LOT of trash packers at your DZ and they will all have advice for you. The only way you are going to know what works best for your canopy and container is to jump it and pack it as many times as possible, you might even have fun in the process. Blue skies