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  1. topdocker

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    If by "an incident" you mean knowingly allowing an unrated person to teach multiple ratings courses at his DZ and then employing those improperly trained jumpers? Yes, every DZO who has that kind of "incident" should be chucked out of USPA. Never been to Lodi, never met Bill or anything. But... After all the info about inadequate training and faked credentials came out, a few "Lodi Alumni" told me flat out that Lodi is Bill's kingdom, and that there is absolutely zero chance that this could have gone on without his knowledge. It was strongly suggested that Bill would have been the one who wanted the course 'shortened' to save time. Ten years ago I would have whole-heartedly agreed with that statement, but Bill is a little older and a little slower and may not have realized exactly what was going on. Bill didn't "need" more TI's at that time, he had plenty. And I hear we had another DZ in the area recently with an unrated AFFI jumping and signing students off.... The offending instructor was hammered by USPA, but not the DZO/GM. Way to be consistent! Ron has a point. He may be a little enthusiastic about how he is talking about it, but we all have seen over the years shenanigans at a DZ that just go completely without any rebuke to the DZO or GM status. The real issue is that such a program of inspections and citations just doesn't carry any weight. The most baddest thing USPA can do to someone is kick them out of the organization and inform the FAA of any violations. As much as we want to self govern our sport, the job of enforcing the FAR's falls to the FAA, not USPA. Personally, I wish USPA would drop the GM program, or splinter out another organization to do it. Trying to represent both the consumer and seller of a product is impossible, as they have competing interests. Ultimately, the organization has to make compromises to please both sides which means neither side feels truly represented. People on this thread (especially Mike Mullins and Gary Peek) have been amazingly patient. And bonus points everyone for the thread drift! top
  2. topdocker

    Skydiving with false teeth?

    As a dentist, I see sooooo many broken partials, dentures, flippers and retainers broken because they were put in a pocket "for just a second." USE A CASE! Something to protect that investment from being broken while you jostle around. top
  3. topdocker

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Almost no one starts out with CF as their main discipline. I'm betting you did not. I did! top
  4. topdocker

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    It is ironic that the number of jumps for getting a tandem instructor rating are fairly low in my opinion, but the stated reason by members of the BOD that defend it is that smaller dropzones have trouble getting jumpers to a thousand jumps. I would have been much happier with more canopy course requirements at each license level, not freefall formation requirements. You know, what is killing and maiming our members still. After over 25 years. The more experienced ones. All the time. top
  5. topdocker

    Skydiving With Full Detures

    So just like keys, wallets, watches, jewelry, phones, ect, if you want to have it when you get back down on the ground... Leave it on the ground. The real issue too is that these things can take time to replace, not just a day or two. A partial with a cast frame and hurrying as much as possible can easily take over a month to fabricate correctly. In the meantime, you are short chewers or smilers or both. Yeah, we can make a temporary to show, but that just adds to the expense too. top
  6. topdocker

    Skydiving With Full Detures

    As a dentist who jumps, I have replaced tons of dentures, partial dentures, retainers, temporary crowns, etc that have fallen out in freefall or on opening. Pretty much if it can come out of your mouth, it will come out. top
  7. topdocker

    Top 5 Tandem Scams

    I think they missed the number one scam: saying your DZ is in one location, selling the person a very expensive, non-refundable tandem, then letting them know your DZ is really five states away. Really tough to beat that one. top
  8. topdocker

    Dropzone manifest software

    You don't bring back concrete rebound hammer. Concrete rebound hammer will bring itself back when it feels like it. Rumor has it, that CRH is in rehab. It was drinking every night until it was..... hammered. top
  9. topdocker

    Dropzone manifest software

    Makes me want to bring back concrete rebound hammer! top
  10. topdocker

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    I feel like he will become a skydive legend. Like DB Cooper or fictional Truman Sparks or Bohdi, his name will be a bonfire staple, enough that people will remember. It only takes one person to post "Hey remember that guy, his release date just passed, wonder where he is" and refresh everyone's memory. I don't think that holds water. Roger Kibbe is a fairly infamous killer here in California (the I-5 strangler) and was a skydiver at the time. Part of his downfall was he used paracord pull up cords to strangle some of his victims and that sent the police looking for skydiver. People think I make the story up about him hanging around the DZ having beers after jumping, just like any other skydiver. Memory is short. top
  11. topdocker

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    Yes. I wonder whether a parole board would automatically consider this or whether it would have to come from a victim (who would be asked to contribute to a parole hearing). Or could the Association speak on the behalf of participants who don't want to lock their gear down between jumps, constantly check if equipment has been tampered with, etc.? top
  12. topdocker

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    Is it possible in your country to have the condition of his release that he not be involved associated, or within 500 feet of any skydiving activity? top
  13. Why does the local newspaper continue to give this woman a platform for such things? Maybe Mile Hi should start naming the paper in the next lawsuit. The city has said her claims have no merit. The FAA has said her claims have no merit. The courts have repeatedly said her claims have no merit, to the point where she had to cover the defendants costs. But somehow, the newspaper seems to think her claims have enough merit to earn space. And the is no place for comments.... WTF? And isn't she in violation of the court order with this? Didn't the judge order everyone to play nice from now on? top
  14. topdocker

    Dealing with high shock loading

    We had this for years on JFX's modified for CF (more open nose, dacron lines). Worked great because the faster the airspeed, the more your slider was slowed down. We eventually were able to not have sliders in the conventional sense, but just grommets and rings to the bridle. Packing was way more challenging and we did see some damage to the bottom skin of the canopy, however. My profile pic is with those canopies, with that system. top
  15. topdocker

    A cool exit

    I was there in '88, they were still talking about her. Great DZ! I managed a few trips there, great place to jump and the jumpers were tons of fun. top