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  1. Hi, I am 27yrs old and have been wanting to skydive for as long as I could remember. I finally have the time and financial resources to be able to achieve this dream. But something I think might hold me back is that I have had my front 3 teeth removed due to a motorcycle accident, and now have a temporary "flipper"(fake teeth, kinda like false teeth) in place of my old teeth. This is temporary until I can get a bridge permanently put it. But for now is this problem going to stop me from skydiving. I have a reservation for this weekend to take my first jump in the AFF program. Should I cancel? The reason im asking is i just downloaded some clips of others first jumps and it looked like they were talking with their instructors while freefalling on their jumps. And I have a bad feeling my flipper(fake teeth piece) might wanna fly outa my And needless to say that would suck and be unlivably imbarrasing. What do you guys think?! Help my please :)