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  1. There was an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch this week about the wind tunnel. Apparently the people living in that area are vehemently opposed to the idea and are going to fight it. According to the a city representative they like the idea of the wind tunnel but are not sure the location is right. Looks like there is going to be a bit of a fight. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  2. Yeah, me and the guy in the office next to mine are the only ones left on my floor. Everybody else went home. What a bunch of pussies. The Federal reserve building is next door and they all came piling out of the building. They all stood in front of the building looking up. What a bunch of idiots. Lots sirens and emergency vehicles going thru the city now. I don't see any visible damage anywhere around here. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  3. Wow! that was wild ride. I am on the 13th floor of a highrise office building in downtown richmond. The building was swaying. They are saying 5.9 and it was centerd in Mineral VA about 40 miles west of downtown. Oh well back to work. Hope everybody enjoyed the ride. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  4. It's a real DZ, actually a tandem factory with a cessna to 10K. They are big into the groupon thing from what I have been told. It is located in the middle of nowhere but from what I have been told they are cranking out the tandems every weekend. I don't know why anyone would pay to jump out of a cessna from 10K when for either the same price or a few bucks more you can jump from a turbine from 13.5K and probably not have to drive as far. This DZ is only close to a few places in VA. If you live in Roanoke or places near there then this DZ is the closest. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  5. I just read in the local paper here in VA that he was voted to the pro bowl 4 times. he must have been a big guy. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  6. Looks like that $25 bet worked out pretty good. Vancouver fans have no class. They did the same thing the last time they lost the cup Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  7. Have any of you guys seen the TV footage from just outside the arena in Vancouver? They are burning cars and tear shit up left and right. The NHL network cannot broadcast their post game coverage because their broadcasting from in front of the arena. What a bunch of dumbasses Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  8. Great Series. The cup is coming home after almost 40 years. I'm leaving tomorrow night to go up to Boston. About a ten hour drive from Richmond. I still can't believe. There will be people in new england naming their childeren after Tim Thomas Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  9. Grimme was right Luongo is french for swiss cheese. Burrows is a total hack. Whacking the stick out of thomas' hand down 4 to 0 and less than 3 minutes left in the game. Thomas is the man. Those announcers are compete idiots. Saying Marchand should not have ducked out of the way of that hit. What the fuck! what is he suppose to do let the guy nail him into the boards. Nothing wrong with trying to avoid a hit. Someone needs to kick burrow's ass at the drop of the puck in game 5. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  10. Vancouver are a bunch of cheap shot artist. Burrows needs his ass kicked. The officials suck in this game. But now it is 7 goals for the B's. I'm still trying to figure out what Thorton did to get a game misconduct. The one Canucks goal was the result of a slash not called by the refs. I don't think the Canucks want to get into a physical game with the Bruins. They need to stay with the speed and finese. Wow, now it is 8. Game four is going to be very interesting. This game may be a turning npoint of the series for Boston. I had respect for Vancouver but not anymore. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  11. Thanks Amazon. Much appreciated. Yeah Grimmie to me Gary Thorne always conveyed the feeling of the game in his broadcasts. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  12. any courses scheduled on the east coast anytime in the near future? Or can you direct me to a schedule of up coming courses you are giving. Thanks Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  13. Oh and it is sad to see Gary Thorne banished to being the Baltimore Orioles play by play guy. I always thought he was one of the better hockey announcers. Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  14. Yeah Don Cherry is a classic. The outfits are hilarious. I miss watching him as well Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2
  15. well so much for a freak goal. Good play by Vancouver and shitty defense by the Bruins. I don't blame Thomas for that one. That looked very close to off sides by het no whining. It's only game one we ned to get our shit together and come out blasting in game two or we are in serious trouble. Great game nonetheless Rodriguez Brother #1626 Dudiest Skydiver #1962 DPH #-2