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  1. If anyone wants to buy a lightly used one let me know
  2. A man with a way with words. Congrats to you both !! We are so happy for you!!! WEEEE HAW !
  3. Make sure it gets the time slot next to synco swimming :)
  4. Does this mean they will stop the less the 200 jump wonders from camera on their head? or does someone have to die to make a rule?
  5. Maiden flight on mine today and it niiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!!!
  6. Like being punched by Tyson
  7. Used a old gopro skeleton cut off side flaps, remove gasket. Install neptune old strap BAM !!!! FREE hand mount. sewed a stitch or two.
  8. You pay for the pack... you tip for the opening...
  9. OHH this makes me smile!!!!! Pure awesome... no need for body mods... those are for posers anyway.
  10. I disagree.... what is the purpose of direct control with stowless bag or BASE?
  11. Whenever your lines are insufficiently tighten to slow down the deployment process.
  12. Chrispie..... are you having line dump? How are you stowing lines?
  13. Congrats on your first jump!!!!! Watching my girl go through the same.... she did the opposite this weekend and landed straight on her ass... She is still sore. Dont listen to the other people, they just dont get it and never will Blues