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  1. Well, I'm sure it'll help! Good luck and have fun. PS: I wish you ruled the world for some time! I'd like to see what would happen to all the planes! PPS: Get a dropzone and I'll come to you PPPS: Let's get back to topic shall we? Honestly Anon, get out of here and stay out untill you have your A. You won't need much preparation, the instructors are supposed to be the only help you need. Cheers! From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  2. hahaha! What do they expect from noobies? That's like they expect you to do everything right from jump #1. For example to remember to pull on one of your first AFF's (Ehh? See what I did there?) And hey, are you still backsliding? Maybe some tunnel could fix that too And most important of all: Keep drawing and keep posting! I'm addicted, I check it every day! Now, let's hope i'm not getting arrested for stalking From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  3. These forums kill people. From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  4. Do you ever really get used to the falling sensation? For example if you've been in a swinging ship a couple of times, the feeling doesn't simply dissapear. It gets less annoying over time. From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  5. Texel, a beautiful place to jump at. Highest fatality rate too, due to the great sights everyone keeps staring at Good luck and have fun bro! From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  6. Some people can't find the line between being a massive dick and making a tention breaking joke. This crossed that line. Glad you had a fun jump though From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZy_qHjvnl4 All the way at the end the TA says: "When I get my license, I might do better than this" From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  8. From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  9. I vote 'd' I thought that was the best answer. Serious now: The headache could have just been stress. Maybe let a docter decide. If it isn't bad for your health, you may get used to it and not even notice it after a few jumps. From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  10. Troll alert 10 yr old thread So we tell people to use the "search" function and when they do we slag them off for it?? Search function? Oh uhh, yeah. Let's just stick with that. And why would I be a troll by bringing back old and fun threats? It's not like I'm sitting here with a bag of popcorn, waiting for a flamewar
  11. Troll alert 10 yr old thread Threats That shouldn't be forgotten shall return. Why not restart an old one From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  12. Heard these once: Right before jumping: "You connected these last lines right?" - TM: "after this jump, I might be allowed to jump by myself! So please pull in time and make a great landing" From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  13. Not A Bad thread to revisit 10 years later best money spent would be airfares. Travelling to meet folks like the Mitchells and the Remsters and the Chemasexys etc... yeah, i found it quite interesting and what the hell happened? Part of my message turned into symbols?? From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes
  14. The windtunnel before my AFF. It probably saved me some do-overs. AFF was a great investment too. Being only 16, it's hard to get enough money together! I hаvеит ьоughт аиy еquipмеит yет, маybе шhеи I hаvе моге jцмрs, I шill From 0 to 12.000 in 9 minutes