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  1. Thanks for the info, I want to enjoy this sport for years to come.
  2. This thread took over a life on its own, took me over an hour just to catch up reading it. I except all the risks of skydiving and am paying all the costs associated with that risk. It was an exciting jump and a learning experience. Money isn't as important as making it back on the ground alive. I have respect for packer and everything is cool between us. On the Elliptical Canopy question, the demo canopy was ordered for me by one of the instructors on the DZ that has given me some good canopy coach type advice. I have been jumping Sabre2, Silhouette and Pilot for most of my jumps. My worst accuracy has been under the square canopy. My wing load that is 1.1.
  3. Thought so. Since I'm still new, figured I would ask for proper decorum. I will no grudges... just packing my own from now on.
  4. Today I had my 2nd cut away (both in the last 20 jumps). Had a line over with a demo canopy (Nitron), I was wanting to get in a bunch of jumps today so I was paying someone else for me so I can get up again quickly to play with the new canopy. On my 2nd jump with the demo canopy, I pulled high (4.5k) and went into a violent spiral and did everything I could until 2k my decision altitude. We found the canopy and I kept my handles, but could not find the free bag. The guy that packed for me doesn't work at the DZ, he packs for a few fun jumpers for the fun money. He feels really bad about and is a really nice guy, he just will never pack for me again. Here is my question... Who is responsible for paying for the lost free bag and reserve re-pack? I assume myself.