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  1. Why was this designed for High Alt High Opening? Wouldn't that significantly cut down on the range that is could fly? Something tells me that the reporter got this fact wrong
  2. Extreme Summer is an IMAX movie that has some amazing shots of being towed into 50+ footers when they closed out the Eddie Aikau surf competition. Well worth it!!
  3. If they have enough time to loosen chest and leg straps, loosening helmts, ect... It's too bad they didn't take that much effort to plan a better approach to hit the target.
  4. I think the name that rack took care of any of those doubts That thread needs to get revived!!! NO MAN BOOBS, not falling for that again
  5. I gave that same advice to my ex-girlfriend, didn't work out so well
  6. You see, with that quick wit you will have no problem at all finding your "heater" Try to find Katie and Connor at your DZ, they are a lot of fun and can help show you around. They are even AFF instructors so you may have already jumped with them.
  7. The best way to stay warm at the DZ during the winter is to hook up with a seasoned jumper. They can spend many hours helping you stay warm, a hottie like you I don't think it will take long
  8. I can't complain about these too much. In the past the ATMs that I would go to would never have envelopes to use, so I couldn't make a deposit. Then three years ago I went to a BofA ATM to make a deposit and somebody tried to use an envelope to deposit cash and it got stuck. So when I made my deposit there was a nice envelope of cash with $800 bucks it, score!!! That money helped me finish my AFF and gave me a great story to tell. Before anyone says anything negative, there was no deposit slip, no checks, and it had a $1000 wrapper on it so someone beat me to it and got $200 out before me.
  9. If you live alone then you can't go wrong with buying some dried up trees and burning them until you forget that you are alone. You really should by a pine air freshner to cover the smell of the burning trees in case someone does come over, that will get you in the spirit for any holiday
  10. Sounds like this family found a fourth way to stop, hit a tree Probably going to hell for that comment
  11. Did you write all this while you were waiting your turn to go in the tunnel? Just messing with you Paul since you have yet to tell me when you go to the tunnel. What do I have to do to get a call?
  12. +1, Yes I agree completly, SMOKIN' HOT!! How are YOU doin'?? PS. Don't know how to change my avatar so it is blank
  13. I pay $50 a month with verizon. That is like 450 minutes and unlimited text messages. I only use about 200 minutes and over 1000 text messages a month, many many more text messages when I am dating a woman. God bless the text message and how it saves me from having to talk
  14. ..during weeks of bad weather you practice your exit count by rolling down your window on the highway and sticking your arm out.. ..when daydreaming at a red light and it turns green and you look to make sure your chest strap is correct.. see a new building being built and get excited cause it has a nice tall crane on top of it.. wait that is a different forum, but still involves a parachute
  15. I did my first night jump on my 100th, that was a jump that I will never forget!
  16. you could get him a bag of ice to sit on, or maybe a glass jar that he could put his manhood in and stare at.
  17. I will set up the webcam so that everyone can watch and maybe charge some non-skydivers to watch so you ladies are not doing this for free. So who is pitching and who is catching?
  18. And a 19 year old girl does? Hmmmm. Of course not! But how do you expect me to learn?? I shall be your mentor, leave your pride and your pants at the door
  19. I wonder how different this story would be if you had met his son and didn't know his age. Not like this was a set up or a blind date but if you and your dad went to lunch and so did the coworker and his son. You seem to be ahead for your age and who is to say that this guy is not the same? There seems to be a lot of opinions going on right now and the only fact that we have heard is the age of two people involved. I agree that the difference between 19 and 15 is big but who is to say that it may not work in a few years? Why would this guy not stand a chance just because he is 15?
  20. Don't see too many of those at our DZ, if there are any we call them "tandems"
  21. The worst question in the world, unless of course you want to start a fight: Q: What are you thinking? A: If I wanted you to know what I was thinking then I would be talking And that's when the fight started.....
  22. The boobs help start the relationship but the ass will keep it going. Long enough without any ass and you turn into the worlds biggest boob
  23. Are you trying to decide which surgery to do first?