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  1. TiaDanger

    Reno Skydivers

    Hey! I used to live in Reno; the skydiving gang is smallish, and it might be even smaller than when I lived there (2 years ago) due to some of them leaving the sport. I'll PM you to put you in touch with some of them.
  2. TiaDanger

    Skydive AZ Holiday Boogie

    Ya....I'll be there, and my mom tells me I'm extra special
  3. TiaDanger

    Balloon jumps

    The search function is your friend...tons of information on here already. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=search_results&search_forum=all&search_string=balloon%20jumps&sb=score&mh=25
  4. TiaDanger

    Newbie just saying Hi!

    You have two minutes in the tunnel and you're sitflying?
  5. TiaDanger

    I HATE packing!

    Are you packing all s-folds in the bag all at once? If getting it in the bag is your problem, try having someone show you how to do 1 s-fold, put it in the bag, then finish with the second s-fold near the lines. This is where I had a problem too, and once I learned how to do this, packing was no longer a PITA
  6. TiaDanger

    Shin splints

    You may have just strained your shin muscles from the landing trauma. Shin splints tend to be chronic and develop over time from poor shoes, over exercising, running on hard surfaces, bad running form, etc. I would give it a week...if you feel better, its probably not shin splints. I have had several cases of shin splints throughout the years from racing, but, let it be known, I'm not a doctor.
  7. TiaDanger

    New Girl from Las Vegas

    Look up Skydive Mesquite...that's where all the southern NV fun jumpers go. Much better than Vegas DZs.
  8. And yes, I did contact the manufacturer but have not heard back yet, so no flaming!
  9. TiaDanger

    Really excited but I have lots of questions.

    Skydiving rocks huh?! 1. Sounds like you tipped a good amount. Many instructors don't get tips at all, and anything is probably appreciated. 2. During AFF you will rent gear. You will probably continue to rent for quite a few jumps after that because you will be downsizing your canopy. Once you get to the size canopy you will be jumping for a while, thats when to buy gear. At my dropzone, it cost about $25 a jump to rent a rig. 3. Used gear is all over the place, you just have to know where to look and what you're looking for in a rig (size-wise). The classifieds section of this website is probably the best place to find a lot of used rigs. I bought my complete system off of the dropzone.com classifieds. But there are also places like square1 and other websites that have used gear. Also, you might find that somebody at your dz is selling something that might fit you. 4. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but your main will probably be ZP and your reserve will probably be F-111. Its more important to find a canopy that is the correct size and type. Some canopies are made for experts and some are made for students/intermediates. You will buy a canopy that is designed for a beginner or intermediate to start. 5. You will have to learn to pack to get your A license. But later, it is your choice whether your pack or have a packer pack for you at a cost. Most people pack for themselves...saves money for jump tickets
  10. TiaDanger

    Oxygn Anti Fogging

    TYR, the company that makes swimming products, has an anti-fog spray that I use on my goggles. Works like a charm
  11. TiaDanger

    Las Vegas

    I've hear Skydive Mesquite is the place to go near Las Vegas. Many of the Vegas DZs are either tandem factories (that don't even allow funjumpers, gasp!), or treat fun jumpers like crap. Everybody seems to have high praises for Mesquite
  12. TiaDanger

    Sabre2: Your experience

    I have a new sabre2 that with about 45 jumps on it. I bought it when it had 15 jumps, and it was a complete bitch to pack! It may not be accurate, but I heard sabre2's are one of slickest brand new canopies on the market. Its a little easier to pack than when I first got it, but its still no walk in the park. On most jumps, I have end cell closure and about half of my jumps are off heading. End cell closure is not a big deal, just pump your breaks and they fill up. I had bad line twists on one jump, but I was flying strait and was still directly under the canopy, so it wasn't a big deal. The line twists and off heading openings may or may not be a canopy characteristic, as my stability on deployment and packing techniques might contribute as well. There are many sabre2 owners who never have either of those problems. With that said, I LOVE my sabre2. I love the way it flies and I love the powerful flare. Im loading at 1:1 and I have fun experimenting up high with different inputs. Overall, I love my canopy and if I ever downsize, I'll most likely stay with the sabre2
  13. TiaDanger


    Thats awsome