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  1. ladyskydiver

    Username lilianbaby PM Spam

    I got this...and I'm definitely not a guy.
  2. When I was making the decision to do my first jump, an ex-boss of mine said that he'd jumped at SkyKnights. So, I looked up the DZ, called, and went out there. Liked the "vibe"/people enough and felt comfortable with the instruction and decided to go ahead with the class and jump. (Man...that was a long time ago. )
  3. My deepest condolences to family and friends.
  4. ladyskydiver

    Interesting Beer Rules Tons of them here.
  5. ladyskydiver

    Does your kid have a rig?

    Your son is an adorable ham.
  6. ladyskydiver

    First Mamba Windtunnel Boogie TUNNILSM

    The pictures look like everyone was having a blast.
  7. ladyskydiver


    ZHills calendar of events. Looks like they have some freefly organizing with East Coast Freefly, canopy school with Scott Miller and the Pink Mafia being down there during that time. You'll find a ton of people to jump with you from 2 ways to how many people are you comfortable with. There are some great LO's there that will ensure you have fun and get on some great jumps. Have fun! It's an awesome DZ.
  8. ladyskydiver

    PAC 750 formation loads - A few pics!

    I saw the pics that Tom sent out. I'm floored...there were belly flyers in those pics. Nice to see people doing belly again. Oh, and I do believe that Tom mentioned it was a first for a 2 Pac formation. hmmm...doesn't that mean that Tom (or Sky Knights) owes ? Glad you guys had fun.
  9. ladyskydiver

    Human Factors project
  10. ladyskydiver

    Do Sabre 2 openings settle down

    Have you had a rigger take a look at the canopy and lines to make sure that everything is ok with them?
  11. ladyskydiver

    Skydive The Farm

    Great people to hang out and jump with. Beautiful scenery - from up top as well as on the ground. You want a fun place to jump? How about a fun place to hang out after jumping? Or even just a great place to watch jumpers? If that's what you is where you should be.
  12. ladyskydiver

    Going low on formation - stay or track away?

    I've always been told to continue doing your best to get back up to the formation but if you can't to stay with the formation until the pre-determined breakoff and then track for all your worth.
  13. ladyskydiver

    Longest Time Off?

    I've taken 2 different time periods off from jumping. I took 9 months off once due to having had surgery on my leg - non-skydiving related. I then took 10 months off to spend time with my dad while he was dying.
  14. ladyskydiver

    Skydive Tecumseh

    Had a wonderful 4th of July weekend at Tecumseh and the people are awesome. Had a blast jumping with people and attempting a hybrid. Anyone want to do a hybrid? This is the place...they LOVE doing them. I'll definitely be back soon.
  15. ladyskydiver

    A Tandem With My Mom

    Way cool! Great pics!