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  1. VideoFly

    Will 3D enhance skydiving videos?

    3D enhances any video, however, the “need for the viewer to wear glasses” technology is impractical. New technologies that remove the need for viewers to wear special glasses may help though. Another concern is the size, weight, and price of 3D cameras. If they are significantly larger, heavier, and/or much more expensive than the cameras we now use, they may prove to be unsafe and impractical. If whuffos desperately want the “holy crap, I’m falling” experience, all they need to do is skydive.
  2. OMG. Next, we’ll strap students to them and place the lens out on a boom.
  3. I’ve jumped over ten years after having S1-L4,5 removed with a double laminectomy and have been jumping with a C5,6, & 7 fused with a titanium plate. Although many doctors will tell you that you should never skydive regardless of your injury, my advice is still that you ask your doctor’s opinion.
  4. VideoFly

    Source for helmet foam padding?

    I built a helmet and used foam that I got from an auto upholstery store for a liner. For the actual cloth surface of liner, you can get foam already adhered to cloth or use contact cement to adhere additional foam to thin foam-backed auto headliner material. The process is difficult to do by yourself. However, as far as Skysystems helmets are concerned, I recently sent my Oxygn back to them and they relined it. They did a fantastic job for a very reasonable price and the helmet feels like it’s brand new. You might want to contact them.
  5. VideoFly

    Future of wingsuit able to fly up?

    With enough speed, perhaps about 150 knots, I've seen wing suiters fly up on exit out of a Casa, which is a rear tailgate aircraft.
  6. VideoFly

    I'm a skydiver (t-5 complete paralysis)

    I’m so glad to here of your jump. With my young son that packed in his younger years, who began jumping at a young age, I was speechless to here of your accident. I hope all is as well as it can be with you. You are an inspiration to us all.
  7. VideoFly

    New Jumpsuit...too tight?

    If it’s not right, send it back. Tony is real good about altering new suits. I’ve sent two back when they weren’t quite right. In one case, they made me a new suit at no charge. The other suit, they made the booties bigger, again at no charge. The only drag is waiting for your suit again, but it worth getting it right. Also, after buying several suits from Tony, I have learned which measurements to add an inch or two for a great fit and the performance I want. Another thing to consider when buying a suit is whether or not you will be jumping in cold weather when you will be adding layers to your clothing. If you are, then definitely oversize certain measurements to work well in both summer and winter. Tony is a great company and they will work with you.
  8. VideoFly

    Matter Free-fly fit...

    Knowing you Wade, I think you might want to try latex.
  9. VideoFly

    Panasonic WJ AVE3

    I’ve used both for years. The big differences I’ve noted are that the AVE 3 only has one camera input port while the AVE 5 has 2. This is not a big problem for most work. Also, the AVE 5 affords you the ability to store still shots, which are helpful to make videos look good, particularly if you display the still while rewinding or fast forwarding to repeats parts of the jump in the video. One more thing is that the AVE 3 auto fades, while the AVE 5 uses a hand lever controlled fade. The AVE 3 works well and is relatively inexpensive, but I prefer the AVE 5.
  10. VideoFly

    Mouth or bite switch

    For several reasons, I prefer a blow switch. First, they seem to last longer and are far more trouble free. Second, to keep from loosing them in freefall, I leave my teeth in a drawer on the ground when skydiving. It’s an age thing, you know.
  11. VideoFly

    Listen to your gut!!

    No need to apologize for a long post. It was worth a million words. I am glad that everyone is pretty much okay. Many of us have gotten on the plane with doubt in our minds and sometimes it is difficult to get off of a load. I remember one of the first rules of skydiving I learned, which said "Know when to say no." Unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest rules to follow. Thanks for the reminder. It can save us lots of grief.
  12. VideoFly

    Camera Shake Issue

    Many times video flyers get camera shake because they shake. You might need to loosen your neck so that the camera remains stationary on your subject while your body moves with the subject and absorbs the shaking caused by wind, body movement, and maneuvering. Also, if you are shooting stills with a bite switch and a helmet with an integral chin cup, you might be causing your helmet to jump up and down with each bite. Smaller smooth bites, a tongue switch, or a blow switch might help that issue. Furthermore, your helmet should be tight all around to minimize shake between your head and helmet. Usually, slow motion minimizes the appearance of shake seen in regular motion, so I’m not sure about that. Also, check other angle widths for your lens. That may help too.
  13. VideoFly

    rw with a camera suit?

    The problem with RW with a large-wing camera suit is the sudden lift you’ll get when reaching for grips. Even with a tight and close grip, your wings provide excessive lift unless you keep your elbows against your ribs. With some practice, you can compensate with your legs and arch, but other jumpers might have a hard time moving with you. A small wing suit might help but it might place you in a somewhat vertical position, kind of like a mantis, but with some force pushing you backward when you want to be driving toward the center of the formation. You might want to try a good old balloon suit with ample cloth between the waist and underarms, which may be better to give your entire body more lift.
  14. VideoFly

    Got it!

    Congratulations, now the real fun begins!