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  1. Gold Coast Skydivers will be hosting it s annual Boogie, September 26-28. PD, Vector, Sunpath, Wicked Wingsuits, Infinity and Parasport will be out offering demos of their gear. Otter loads all 3 days and Cessna for hop n pops. Hook turns allowed. AC packing, camping and showers on site. Cafe available for food. Will have a raffle and Dinner Saturday night. Link to event on Fb
  2. Has anybody had any experience with this company. Checking before I order. Thanks
  3. We have decided to change the dates to September 26-28. Performance Design and Sunpath will be vendors.
  4. We will be having our St Jude's Jump for a Cause. July 25-27. Free fly organizing. RW organizing, Wingsuit Flocking. Dinner and raffle will be Saturday night. Otter loads.
  5. The Shark by Tonfly. Very light and durable.
  6. It is an excellent camera. I have 2 of them and they are ultra light. Very good quality. Excellent editing in post production. I would rather have this in my case over a Gopro any day. There is a problem with being able to use them on shooting tandem videos. It wouldn't allow each individual clip to process. My editing skills are not that great. I called them to discuss an issue. They were very helpful and said they would get back with me on the solution. I haven't recieved a call yet so it is my understanding this is still an issue.
  7. The screen is white with out the hype plugged in.
  8. I have 2 Cx100's problems. With one of them the hyepye doesn't work.he hyepye is good. I tried with someone's camera. The other one powers on and the viewing screen is just a solid bright white. Has anyone had issues like this? Thinking of sending them in to Sony.
  9. I recently purchased one. With the CamEye II it powers up and can turn off but will not go into record mode. Does anyone have a lead on a CamEye I or know if it will go into record mode with it? Thanks
  10. Squeak. You should let the hate in our life go.
  11. Now wouldn't hat have been the smarter thing to say before? Go read a book on manners. Your old enough to have some.
  12. Not kidding! I don't speak Spanish so it hard for me to find out where to order them.