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  1. OMG. I think we should all count the pm's you haven't responded to.
  2. What? I hear she drives almost as well as I do.
  3. Yes Andrea, I think we should visit Peter and distract him.
  4. Get well soon Peter. I only had some bruised ribs when that car hit me and MAN it hurt. Just be careful to cough when you need to or you'll end with pneumonia. Not that I would know or anything...
  5. She can probably just swing her ass really well. Some people just can. Not that I would know.
  6. I just don't think I have the rack for it. Besides, where would I put the warming thingies??
  7. HA! Yeah, I don't think I'll wear the bunny one. I'll stick to the penguin but thanks for the link. I may make one of my own or find a swimming suit that is like one. LOL.
  8. Ouch, take care Andrea. Have a warm bath and watch a soothing movie. I hated that procedure.
  9. I am. Thanks those who donated! I really appreciate it! I am trying to find a penguin suit.
  10. Oh yeah! Haven't you ever been with anyone who crossed four lanes and got off an exit doing 75? Geesh. Silly man.
  11. Hey kids, I was quoting mom, it's definitely old. My Aunt bought the house in 1960 and it was there on blocks then from what she says... but then again she's 77. YOU argue with her.
  12. I haven't owned one but there is a 57 Edsel without wheels behind my Aunt's house. Among others... I thought for sure my first car, a 79' Nova would be on the list.
  13. Congratulations Kris! Give a hug for me to Dagny and the sweet baby.
  14. Thank you! Whenever you want to just scroll up to the first post and click the link in it. I will probably try to bump the thread once a week if I can.
  15. Using nothing but babywipes to wash with for months has to suck. Poor guy, I don't think it's funny, probably pretty darn common.
  16. Happy Birthday Handsome Rock-Hound.
  17. Thank you! I will be calling you for advice closer to the date! Thanks so far for the donations. I really appreciate it!
  18. Thank you, the pics are for sure, so is freezing my ass off. I promised the pics either way, LOL, and thanks you guys, you ROCK!!!
  19. I am also holding off to donate until Feb. and am searching for a local corporate donor to match what I end up with but this is my first time trying to do that! Wish me luck!