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  1. Kris

    Mirage M4 - 190 Canopy Question

    I used to have a G3, M4 and I was able to filt a Sabre, Sabre-2, and Stiletto 190's in it along with a Pilot 189. It packs up bulky, and it's a tight fit, but it can be done.
  2. Kris

    Swapping cypres Batts?

    I know someone who did this. Their rigger simply moved the "Last Battery Change" sticker to the other unit. Just because the batteries have been installed once doesn't mean they can't be pulled out and reused as long as they're not over 2 years from original install or have gone over 500 jumps.
  3. Kris

    busted toggle stows?

    The only time I've seen toggle stows bust is if you're setting the brakes above the metal ring on the riser instead of below. The brake lines take a huge amount of shock during opening and unless that ring is there to stop them, they'll rip the toggle keepers right off the risers. When that happens, the brakes are released right on openeing.
  4. Kris

    I don't want a full face helmet!

    Nope, it's personal choice. There are those who wear full-face helmets to freefly in, and those who wear open-face helmets to do RW in. I use my Mindwarp for all my jumps (Birdman, RW, FF) because I can't stand having my peripheral vision cut off. For that reason, I prefer open-face helmets.
  5. Kris


    IANAR (I am not a rigger), but I've always had really good success with 2-3 light coats. I use 2 light coats all over, and the last light coat on the white parts of my rig. I let it dry for a few hours between coats. My Mirage is 4 years old and the white trim tape and embroidery is still white. It gets grungy during the year, but during my yearly washing of my rig it cleans up very easily.
  6. About as good as your chances of winning the lottery.
  7. Kris

    Jumptrack software

    Have you downloaded the latest version from the L&B website? It works just fine on my XP box.
  8. Kris

    Night Jumps...any pointers?

    Have fun! My night jumps were some of the most beautiful jumps I've been on yet. Phreezone wrote a great article on it which is in the safety section. So you want to make a night jump?
  9. Kris

    Side door or tailgate?

    For launching RW or FF exits, I'm all about a huge Otter or PAC door with plenty of room inside and out for all. Although I've yet to jump my wingsuit from a tailgate, I'm sure it would be a blast.
  10. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the subject, by Brian himself. It's a great book, I've read it 4-5 times now.
  11. Kris


    Muy sexy! My e-mail is sent!
  12. Kris

    How strong are the "rig" harnesses?

    Here's an excellent post on the subject. I found it in less than 5 seconds using the search funtion on "Harness Strength".
  13. Kris

    falcon opens hard

    If you, other packers, and your rigger have tried different things, I'd look into having some pockets put on the slider. Also, another thing would be your speed at deployment. At 290 out the door, you're probably doing some pretty decent speed when you're opening unless you have a good jumpsuit for your size and are slowing down enough before deployment.
  14. Here's an excellent post: So, you want to be a rigger?
  15. Kris

    Landing a what?

    Slowly and gently? You've never seen a sub-50' canopy land in real life yet, have you?