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  1. i hope he gets better soon, the poor thing
  2. Both are correct but color is used in US and colour is used in UK. Colour was original and we 'yanks' changed it like we did a lot of words for our own purposes. We are just a little rebellious that way for some reason.
  3. What is the animated one with jack the pumpkinhead called? I can't remember!! I have TGIF meltdown or something. I love that one!!
  4. Thank you!! Thought I'd be the only post w/o reply in history of dz.com.
  5. Hello everyone, did a couple AFF jumps and love it. Am hooked. Jumping is awesome & people @ DZ are wonderful. Will wait now until next summer to finish AFF but can't wait. In May I'll be back to jump a lot! I hope to learn a lot in the meantime & maybe do some tunnel time too! All advice & helpful articles/ info. to take in is welcome!
  6. Hi, am new as well. Hoping to learn from the info. here. Greetings everyone!