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  1. A non-smoker is one who quits regardless of desire. I haven't smoked in years but I still 'need' one psychologically when someone dies, I break up with someone, or someone cuts me off in traffic... I think about it. I dismiss it. It's hard. It's really hard when smokers offer me one when I really want one. At least the higher prices keep people from being as enablingly generous now. That's why they call it an addiction. However, you ante up and you deal with it even though it really sucks. Such is life...
  2. Ouch. Get well soon.
  3. Ah, I'm sorry. How sad. My condolences for puppydog.
  4. I French pressed some chicory and mild Colombian, good stuff.
  5. Jerry you totally lived up to my expectations of you.
  6. Frenchy68's tend to be very tough. I think the mountain lion would taste him and spit him back out and Nico would just laugh. I could be wrong though. Maybe fatherhood & family have softened him up a little...
  7. No. He didn't bless me this time. (Thank you Randy.)
  8. Hmmm. When I was in the Yucatan/ Cancun this summer the Mexican hotel staff insisted they were badgers... and warned me not to chase them with my camera again. I tried to pet one... but it ran away...
  9. Visit Hartford. Or else Boston or NYC... Silly Frenchy... (Isn't the answer obvious?)
  10. I sort of preferred 010110 because it just felt (showing my age here a little or else maybe just my geeketteness) well... binary. Also, the UK's can't argue with that one... Been awhile since I've been here... posts in bonfire alone had reached over 10000... lmao.
  11. I'm going to be a pain in the behind and ask a huge favor. If you work in any sort of a supervisory capacity and have a free minute or two, could you fill out the linked entirely too long but there's a reason for it survey created and help me out with a research project I have going on? If you decide to- THANK YOU! owe you a big hug and kiss.
  12. swedishcelt


    Just ignore the goobers. Or make up rumors about yourself and spread them. Really cool ones. WTH
  13. You broke your foot again?? Oh NO!! I'll try to call you later sweety. That's awful.
  14. You speak absolute truth. We never forget anything. We always also know more than we ever let on. At least I always do. Your avatar is gross.
  15. Easter egg candies and a good chocolate Easter Bunny. It's just not an Easter Basket without a chocolate bunny in it. Get yourself one and you can discuss whether to eat the ears first or not. Jelly beans and yellow or pink marshmallow peeps. Spring color and sparkly nail polishes. Sparkly Easter grass to line it with.... Easter was my favorite holiday... and you have to hide the basket and have her search for it. FYI- dryers are NOT good places to hide Easter Baskets.
  16. Ooh thank you everyone, I'm back to reality after a fabtabulous weekend in Killington, Vt! Have a great week!
  17. Thank you everyone! I am touched you remember. Wow!
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    burned out

    I'm so happy for you Yoshi.