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  1. Why? Because I love my cat? That makes sense.
  2. Ah, I love you too Sunshine, when I see you if I do ever, you're going to get a huge old hug.
  3. He does, but only when wearing a certain pair of freefly bottoms. Those were damn flattering freefly bottoms.
  4. The more I know about Turtle, the more I love my cat.
  5. I've scared a few people on the golfcart too. We've come to a stop and they have the same glazed look futuredivot did, saying over and over to themselves, "I'm fine. I'm actually fine."
  6. He is probably safer getting a lashing from her than driving with me.
  7. What's a 6 STAR, when you still feel it at 5pm?
  8. All we got was 7 inches of rain. I'm floating away...
  9. Thank you but no, I don't think so.
  10. Well, according to my mom I've had something stuck in my craw for a week or two. Maybe I have your sense of humor in my craw? What exactly is a craw? My sister said I was in a blue funk but I didn't see your sense of humor in there (apparently in blue funkdom where apparently I've been) with me at all. When I figure out what my craw is though, I'll check.
  11. I just bought Le Sorcierre- a very soft French red. Try it girly, you'll LOVE it. It goes well with cheese and baguettes.
  12. A lot of eggs? Two pieces of bread and a frying pan?
  13. There! I fixed it Turtle! sot- Dictionary: sot n. A drunkard.
  14. I'm on a muscle relaxer and a painkiller. Good stuff. My bum still hurts but I just don't care.
  15. I'd kiss it and make it better, but i don't think you wanna be near me til this illness goes away. I think even a kiss would hurt it at this point but thank you. It's pretty bruised.
  16. Aw, Peter, I knew you'd be back at it.
  17. I'm sick too. Can i get the magic root oil? I'm willing to try just about anything to make this sickness go away. i'm fuckin miserable. I'm not sick but my butt hurts. I bruised my left sacrum or some BS this week. I need a man to ice my ass.
  18. Billy, that was an awesome hijack. Well done!!
  19. Yeah - I just hit "ALL" in the old phone book. J/k. Ah. NO. You didn't.
  20. Sitting at a student basketball game and hearing two male students talking to each other in the stands. One says, "Hey, for some reason my balls make a weird sound when I walk. Ever notice that?" Other student answers, "No man, mine are pretty quiet." I sat there saying to myself, "I don't hear anything."
  21. We all know you're really not a turtle. I don't get it.
  22. Thank you guys! I'm still a little chilled even after a long shower. LOL. I have two pictures now but know that others in my group got some of me post plunge too. I had my strategy all planned out. I planned to run in holding hands with my team and be last so I would only have to get wet up to my chest or neck. Well, being that when you're last in a chain there happens to be a sort of well... whiplash tail effect I sort of went flying further in than I meant. Well then when the water hit us, and it was 34 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 Celcius outside, I don't know what the temperature was in the ocean, everyone panicked. Someone firmly stood on my foot and down I went under and into the water. So much for trying to be a wimp. Brrrr.