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  1. Oh, just go get pissed why don't you! What do you want from us anyways?? HUH???
  2. swedishcelt


    baileys, brandy and kahlua coffee
  3. What???!!! I missed this! Happy Birthday Remi!!!
  4. swedishcelt

    Free Rice

    Anyone get higher than level 47??
  5. I've never been banned. Just had posts deleted mysteriously. I have had some of the best compliments given to me by Billvon and Remi for some of the responses I've given certain posters though. I was terribly flattered.
  6. Well, if she's a skydiver then just post her email. I bet this isn't the first time it's happened if it's happening to you too. Just out her. Someone probably knows who she is.
  7. Nah. That can't be it. It's still just one.
  8. No they don't cause we ALL have them. Hello!! Isn't that obvious?
  9. If threesomes were meant to be then men would have two penis'.
  10. SSSSNNNNOOOOWWWWDDDDAAAAYYYY We got 9 inches of snow from noon to five pm. I slept in. I watched a movie. I slept some more. Woohoo!
  11. If your ass was lost in the snow.... no one would find you!
  12. QuoteWhen the first 2 people your introduced to at your new dropzone is Jay and Lee (Mike G - I already knew you)... you know your in trouble! I could not have picked two amazing big brothers if I tried. They both have given me shit over the last few years from everything under the sun. The tag team of shit givers if you ask me! Lee was always good to call and give me hell about something or someone. Crazy thing is, over time I figure out for the most part he was right. Quote I was thinking the exact same thing Tanya. I could always count on Lee to call me an old 'tart' and and tell me the absolute and often painful truth about everything. I could also count on him to call and ask if I was okay when things in my life were really hitting the fan. He always seemed to have an instinct for when I was just whining [which he would call me on ] and when my pain was real [and he would always offer to help, even though he knew I'd refuse]. I only met him and Brandy once, at Dublin 2006, but had spoken and pm'd him since I broke my leg. I remember at Dublin thinking the same thing you mentioned. That J & Skinny were pretty awesome 'brothers' to have. Blue skies Lee. I'll miss you, I wish Brandy and your family peace & comfort.
  13. Do you really believe in all that "Law of Attraction" stuff? I mean, do we really attract how we are? I can wake up in a terrific mood with no worries and still have the clouds just open up and poo all over me all day. Then it gets worse from there... do we attract our own luck or is just random? I can have a terrible day also and have really good things happen, what do you think?
  14. Maybe she doesn't care what you or anyone thinks. Maybe your opinion means nothing to her. Maybe she's comfortable being who she is without changing herself to fit someone else's ideal. Maybe because shaving would make it much worse and she's smart enough to know that and not willing to wax or laser it off.
  15. I also think that if you don't want her to be dating multiple people then you shouldn't either...
  16. LOL. You can teach me too while you're at it, have you ever drank Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky?? It wasn't bad, was a gift...
  17. I have the most wonderful bottle of whiskey, I really need to send you one of these, it was terrific!
  18. well, u sound like a bitch Boys, boys, this isn't about you, it's about the party. Now play nice.
  19. Bwahaha! I had one of my students say the same thing to a friend he was teasing in one of my classes. It made me lmao then too.