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  1. Remi does rock. AND he understands blonde so he HAS to be pretty smart IMO.
  2. Um. Yeah. Bubbles, you ENJOYED it??? I am doing the running thing.... you know.... the cartoon character/ cloud of smoke behind the booty going-so-fast kind of running thing. Yeah. Most definitely. I'll post pics but that's about it!!
  3. Thank you, you guys, it all helps and thanks to those mods. and the anonymous ones too. And Jtval, good idea, I am going to put the heat thingies EVERYWHERE!!
  4. It was a dare. And people bet against me. What else could I do Peter?
  5. I'm going to do it. I may be scarred for life but it's for charity. I just now joined with my friend Linda, a non-DZ.commer. I would like to raise $500.00 and if anyone on here helps me out I will post pictures of me & my cold white heatsuckingbootymonster behind jumping in Long Island Sound on February 23rd, 2008. I may even be wearing a penguin suit, and those little suckers creep me out almost as much as squirrels and flies. Has anyone else done it and if you have can you give me any tips on surviving it? I positively HATE the cold. Argh!! Swedishcelt's Happy Feet Team for the PENGUIN PLUNGE for Special Olympics Charity!! I have a relative involved in Special Olympics and it gives him incredible joy. Plus, I'll post myself freezing my ass off and that may give some of you joy. LOL. Please help if you feel led. If not, tips on avoiding hypothermia are also appreciated. [I did ask Sangiro if I could post this and he said it was okay.]
  6. You say that like it's a bad thing!! HA! I was just about to post the same thing! LOL.
  7. Keith has been MIA lately. I miss him.
  8. If sponsored means that you would have to have more than one person urge you to join and post then I think that a lot of us had that. I know I did and I would bet most of the women in here would say that too...
  9. OMG, the squirrel one was so funny I'm in agony from laughing so hard!! LMAO.
  10. I have my tonsils but they don't want to remove them because in between bouts they shrivel up to nothing.
  11. I didn't even see that!! Sunshine rocks. It's official.
  12. Yes on the culture. It's part of being a teacher. I think I am just as healthy as the next person.
  13. Now how am I supposed to teach with that??? How many times a year does the average person get it? I must get it 3 to 5 times a year! Ouch.
  14. Why thank you Mike, you are correct.
  15. I don't get nun or heatsuckingbootymonster?
  16. It's okay, I still love ya, I love you too Sunshine!! Happy New Year everyone!!
  17. Yeah! Broke, that was officially a punkass post. My lovelife is shit right now too but I'm not going to shit on anyone else's parade because of it.
  18. I would prefer to leave it to the imagination and those I deeply care about. I'm very old fashioned that way, I guess that's why I am a 'nun'.