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  1. Does it still hurt when you laugh?
  2. Wait. Don't I get to choose first?
  3. Well, will you at least teach me how properly? And provide refreshments after?What WAS I thinking? What part of "cabana boy" did you not understand??
  4. PM or reply with attached photo first please.
  5. Damn, I was hoping none of you would notice that! LMAO.
  6. That's funny! Maybe I should advertise on craigslist instead?
  7. Too bad then, my butt's just part of my package. It goes where I go.
  8. Hmm. Yes, pilot's qualify for waivers on # 9. That's completely acceptable. And if he can instruct PPL at least that's enough to make me think about #4. I would need a photo and to pass it through my employer (I'm a nun afterall) and my ex cabana boy of course.
  9. I thought about it for awhile and yes, temporary waivers are okay. I have to get the approval of my ex cabana boy however... he still looks out for me.
  10. Wow. You're a darn lucky woman! Does he have a single brother?
  11. I call BS on you being able to handle # 11.
  12. I edited it a little on that one.
  13. Oh yeah: 11. Able to let me watch my damn Steelers game and STFU... even when his team wins and the Steelers don't. 12. Not currently married or separated. The last cabana had 1 through 10 in the bag, though I never had to test 11. I'm not sure he would be able to handle that, that's been a hard one.
  14. I have an opening for a cabana boy. Must have the following qualifications: 1. expert in massage therapy 2. able to choose good wine and whiskey and pour it if I need WITHOUT comment 3. understands that whatever I wear, I look good, and NOTHING makes my ass look fat, not even my ass (this is the only time I will ever need him to lie) 4. excellent non-sexual cuddlenapper 5. complete hugslut 6. extradordinarily attractive and well-built 7. good cook and must be willing to grill for me and and fix foofoo girly drinks even sometimes also for my incredibly gorgeous friends 8. excellent sun lotion application skills 9. tandem instructor or aff instructor and/or packer/ rigger preferrable 10. able to warm my heatsucking booty on occasion, especially on camping trips and when it snows What did I forget?
  15. Not so much, I've had an opening for awhile. And I'm very picky.
  16. I used to have one. Now he's married and has a baby. I have an opening for one I guess.
  17. Men do. Those spent casings are HOT. Yeah they are! Women do too.
  18. I'm not allowed to take narcotics. I have a great collection though. I am too sensitive or allergic or something. Yuk. Advil?
  19. Seriously though, change your diet, regulate the exercise and maybe get a deep tissue or hot stone massage. Sometimes when I just ignore the entire world and unplug and just take a bath and have tea and just pamper myself I will have the best sleep. And for you perverts out there I don't mean one little thing naughty.
  20. Where do you find those? I don't know. I had a great cabana boy at one time. Then he got married and had a kid. Now I'm lucky to get a text every other month or so. It's sad when a cabana boy goes bad.
  21. Does parental consent mean anything if it harms the child?
  22. The article doesn't say that, how on earth do you get that the article is saying that?